5 Places to Get a Cheap Sydney Lunch for Under $10

5 Places to Get a Cheap Sydney Lunch for Under $10

Wednesday April 2nd, 2014

Sydney is meant to be one of the most expensive cities in the world, and it certainly has its fair share of overpriced restaurants and cafes. However, as any local knows, the prices all depend on where you go and there are some tasty, cheap gems around the city. And no, they’re not just $2 hot dogs. If you’re looking for lunch under $10, try one of these spots:

Mamak, Goulburn St, Haymarket and Railway St, Chatswood

Mamak draws crowds so it may not be the best choice if you’ve only got 10 minutes for lunch – but it’s a winner if you only have $10! Get six chicken or beef satay sticks for $9, the rice and curry dish nasi lemak for $9 or the flat bread and dipping sauce combo roti telur bawang for $7.

Ryan’s Bar, Australian Square

If pizza is your thing and you’d like some good atmosphere while you eat it, head to the mostly outdoors Ryan’s Bar. It’s a common haunt for business types and you can choose from a margherita, pepperoni or ham and pineapple pizza for just $10.

Menya, Shop 2, Market St, Haymarket

Try one of Japan’s most widely embraced (and cheapest) dishes – the delicious noodle, meat and broth combination that is ramen. Most places offer ramen for under $10, just wander through Haymarket and you’ll find a spot! However,  Menya is frequently touted as one of Sydney’s best and you can judge for yourself for $9.90 with the Menya Ramen, Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen or Wafu Shoyu Ramen.

Chow Bar and Eating House, Crown St, Surry Hills

Get a little gourmet fix on the cheap by visiting Chow, run by chef Chui Lee Luk, previously of Claude fame. Have veal shin, onion and black fungus rolls for $9, deep-fried sticky pork dumplings for $8 or sweet pork and taro fingers for $7.50.

Old Joe’s, Cronulla

And we know we said there wouldn’t be any hot dogs, but Old Joe’s gourmet hot dogs truly deserve a mention! This is a foot long affair with house-made pickles, tomato relish and mustard – plus a generous side of fries and coleslaw only for $10.

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