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6 Essential Tips for Business Travellers On Extended Stays

30 January 2012

As a regular business traveller the novelty and thrill of visiting other cities  may loose it’s charm for you. More often that not you will be focused on getting in, doing the jobs that’s needed, getting out and getting back into your routine at home. If you’re feeling travel weary, we’ve got some tips to help you get more out of your work trips.
1.   Plan wisely.

Don’t over load your diary with scheduled meetings and appointments. Make time for other interesting activities that will be good for the business such as taking the team you correspond and work with out for social drinks or dinner after work. Remain professional but have fun and this foster a better work culture.

2.   Research the city.

Take the time to look up the best restaurants, cafés and pubs to visit for meetings and socialising. If you’re in Sydney, take advantage the exciting nightlife by staying at serviced apartments Sydney, close to all the action in the CBD.

3.   Settle in.

Living out of your suitcase can make you feel like a homeless person or a piece of driftwood. So take the time to unpack your clothes and your toiletries put them in the appropriate places. Having your things out in your room will help you to feel at home for a long stay. Feeling settled will help you to relax more easily when you get back from the office, which will help you to get the proper rest you need.

4.   Explore the city.

Don’t let your trip consist of going from your room to taxi to meeting room to office to taxi and back to your room everyday. You’ll quickly get bored and stiff from lack of activity. Take time in the mornings or the evenings to explore the city that you’re in.

If you’re in the Gold Coast, Gold Coast apartments are an ideal accommodation option due to the convenient location close to all the action of the city centre. Walking around the area or finding a city park or nature reserve will not only keep you active, but will stimulate your mind as well.

5.   Create routines.

When you’re at home, you naturally get into a routine, which helps you to go into autopilot when you’re completely everyday tasks. This is a positive thing because we can complete regular and important tasks without needed to concentrate constantly. All routine goes out the window when you’re in an unfamiliar city, so create new routines while you’re away.

The evening is the best time to get into routines. You could develop a routine of getting to your apartment, changing into casual clothes, going for a walk, having a shower, preparing and eating a meal and then either watching some TV or reading before bed.

6.   Make time for exercise and stretching.

Even if you are not an avid fitness person, keeping active while you’re away from the routine of your life at home will keep you positive. Physical activity will also give you the energy you need to get through your commitments. Visit the gym and pool located on site at your accommodation, go for a jog or at the very least a few vigorous walks each week. Stretching every day will keep you from getting tight sore muscles, particularly in your neck, back and shoulders.

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