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6 Tips for Tracking Down Overnight Accommodation

30 November 2011

Sometimes you need to make an overnight trip for work or family commitments. Interstate business assignments or an interstate wedding can take you out of the routine of your home life and can be inconvenient. Considering the advantages of serviced apartments, we’ve put together these 6 tips to help you minimise the stress and maximise the enjoyment of your accommodation for overnight stays.

1. Go for the best

Finding the right accommodation is key to making your trip a pleasure. Be sure to book with the best providers to avoid upsetting experiences. Premium accommodation chains can guarantee modern, clean and comfortable rooms, which satisfy your every need.

2. Book online

The Internet has changed our generation’s way of life. Why waste your time calling around and pouring over offline media or directories to find your accommodation when you can find and book your room on a provider’s website with a few clicks. A good serviced apartment provider will have a straight forward website, which is easy to find a breeze to use.

3. Find accommodation close to where you need to be

If you’re on a business trip to a major Australian city, like Brisbane or Sydney, most of your meetings will generally be in the CBD vicinity. If that’s the case for you, save yourself time and effort by booking a room at serviced apartments Brisbane or serviced apartments Sydney, which have apartments located in central city locations. You can easily get to all your appointments and even have time to get back to your apartment for a rest in the middle of the day if you need. Having an apartment in the city will also make it easy to find a lovely restaurant for dinner if you want to squeeze some entertainment into your short stay.

4. Get a place with lots of space.

Whether you’re on your own or with the family on an overnight trip, having plenty of space can make a big different to your trip. Apartments Brisbane can offer you over-sized apartments with multiple rooms and ample living space. An overnight stay make not give you enough time to see anything in the city, which means you will want to have a comfortable space to relax in during your down time.

5. Prepare your own meals.

Take away may seem quick and convenient when you’re away from home, but cooking your own meals is a far healthier and often a quicker option. Plan ahead and pick up some fresh ingredients to cook in your apartment kitchen. By doing this you can avoid that bloated, run down feeling you get from a day or two of rich restaurant or greasy take away food.

6. Get a late check out.

If you can, organise to have a late check out  and an afternoon flight. This will change the way you feel when you get home, immeasurably! Having a sleep in, perhaps a morning walk or work out at the gym in your serviced apartments building the day after your overnight stay will  mean you can get home feeling energised and refreshed. With a little bit of forward thinking and you can turn your quick over night trip into a “pick-me-up” getaway.

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