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7 Tips To Stay Fit And Healthy On Long Stay Trips

14 January 2012

As a nation of over committed, red-eyed people it’s easy to see why health and fitness goals often go on the back burner. Yes, we could all do a little bit more to improve our health and wellbeing, but for business people it’s especially difficult to find the time to workout and make healthy choices. Travel and deadlines, are just a couple of the factors that interrupt the business man or woman’s routine.

Lack of routine and limited exercise can leave you feeling tired, worn-out and susceptible to illness. You can improve your health and gain more energy putting into practice our 7 tips to stay fit and healthy on business trips.

1.    Choose the right accommodation

The primary function of your accommodation is to give you a place to rest. For an extended business trip, you will want to stay at a quality establishment where you can relax at the end of each day. Poor quality accommodation can leave you feeling sleep deprived and stressed. Staying with a provider like serviced apartments Brisbane will give you comfort and top-notch facilities to cater to all your needs.

2.    Prepare your own meals.

Another advantage of staying with serviced apartments Brisbane is that you will have self-contained kitchen facilities to cook your own meals. Preparing healthy meals either to enjoy in your apartment or to pack with you for the day, will help you to avoid fatty, salty or sweet dishes that are otherwise too easy to pick up on the go.

3.    Add a morning work out to your day.

Staying with an accommodation provider with gym facilities means that you can add a work out to the beginning of your day. Exercising first thing in the morning will give you a boost of energy for your day and will help you to feel a sense of accomplishment before you’ve done anything else. Some people prefer to work out of the end of the day, but more often than not you will be drained from the work day, which makes it harder to muscle up the motivation to exercise.

4.   Exercise in your room

Having a TV and DVD player in your room means that you can exercise with total convenience and control. Use an exercise DVD to get a complete workout in front of the TV. If you prefer, complete several sets of strengthening exercises such as sit-ups, squats, leg lifts, push ups and tricep dips. Aim to work every major muscle group in your body equally.

5.   Get help from your smartphone.

You can use technology to improve your health. Download apps to count calories to track what you put into your body. These apps will often help you to set an intake limit for each day and will help you to identify what foods to avoid in order to maintain healthy eating habits. There are also scores of apps that you can use to help you with exercise, tracking your running or walking distance and to set reminders for activities.

6.   Replace your pick me ups.

If you can, avoid midday pick me ups like sugar loaded coffee, sweets, chocolate or greasy food. These may seem to hit the spot in the moment of desperation, but the energy spike never lasts long and you quickly hit a trough shortly after an unhealthy pick me up. Replace your artificial stimulants with something nourishing. Eliminate sugar from your coffee or try a green tea stead. Eat an apple, this will get natural sugar into your body and will lift your energy levels. Snack on pretzels or nuts instead of chips or chocolate.

7.   Add incidental exercise.

If it all falls apart with your exercise plan, don’t beat yourself up about it, simply add incidental exercise to your day. Instead of being dropped right in front of your meeting location, jump out a block or two before and walk the rest of the way. Add a twenty minute walk back to your apartment at the end of the walk day and you will feel great for squeezing some cardio into your day.

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