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A Kid’s Guide to Brisbane’s Nautical Side

23 May 2014

If you have a child who just wants to be a pirate, take them to Brisbane and let them live out their nautical dreams with shipwrecks, special themed parks and more. recommended these gems:

The Maritime Museum

The Queensland Maritime Museum caters for pirate wannabes every year with its Pirate Week. This takes place in June and is suitable for children aged between five and 10 years old. Any other time of the year, the museum showcases maritime exhibits from years gone by.

Pirate Islands

Lots of Brisbane’s parks are designed with mini sailors in mind. Try Captain Burke Park at Kangaroo Point, HMAS Warner Playground or the “Pirate Island” Palm Beach Parklands.


If only a real shipwreck will do, head to Moreton Island. Three ships were scuttled deliberately at Bulwer in the 1930s and kids can easily get through the shallow water for a good look.

Also in Moreton Island are the Tangalooma wrecks. These are more deliberate sinkings – fifteen of them this time – and they provide a haven for the area’s sea creatures should you fancy a snorkelling session.

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