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Australia’s Top Family Travel Blogs

Australia’s Top Family Travel Blogs

15 September 2014

Having a family in tow is an excuse for putting off your travel plans no longer! You may hesitate to hit the road with your bubs in the backseat, but there are more than a few Aussie family travel blogs that have tips and tricks on anything that might come up. From diaper changes to deep sea exploration, these guys have you covered when it comes to travel times with the whole family.

World Travel Family

This blog documents a family of four’s travel adventures of barely more than a year. So far Alyson, James, and their two boys have been all around southeast Asia, the United Kingdom, and this year will tackle both North and Central America. One of the real finds on this blog are the homeschooling tips from the parents about how to make sure kids’ education isn’t left by the wayside during all the travel ups and downs.

Raising Explorers

Mum and teacher, Lisa Edwards, from southern Sydney details all of her travels with a set of young
twins in tow. So far, their adventures have seen them travel through Malaysia, the United States and the Pacific, as well as plenty of posts focused on Sydney, where the family is located. Perfect for part time travellers and full-time parents.

New Life On The Road

If you’re curious to explore more of your own backyard, or perhaps looking to travel more on a budget, check out New Life On The Road. David and Lisa have travelled all around Australia with their five boys, and in a caravan no less! Take a look for tips on how to manage a family in a small space, and still have plenty of fun in the process.

Little Aussie Travellers

Another homeschooling family of five exploring the great outdoors. The Walsh’s have explored almost every corner Australia has to offer, having been on an open-ended trip around the country since late 2011. If you’ve ever thought about a seachange, this blog is a one stop shop. A few years on the road, and they’re not slowing down yet…

Boy Eats World

Aleney De Winter is a veteran travel writer with a passion for food, her husband, and her two young kids. The De Winters are travelling the world, alternately physically and mentally, and are determined that their son and daughter see as much as they can. With travel tips, recipes and reviews to boot, you’ll find some sage advice no matter what kind of travel flavour you prefer.

Going Anyway

A treasure of Australian travel blogs, Going Anyway follows the adventures of Chris, Jill and their five kids on the road. Three years ago, the seven of them packed their bags for a year spent abroad in Asia. Since they’ve been back, the travel bug has struck again and the family are now spending their days semi-travelling in a bus across Australia. Check out their archives for some great tips on travelling frugally.

Gourmet Getaways

Pair a writer up with a photographer and you’ve got a recipe for a quality Australian blog. Julie Carlyle blogs about food, travel, her kids, and the many restaurants they’ve dined in. Her husband’s professional photography beautifully complements the delicious, adventurous stories.

Our Oyster

Canadian/Aussie couple Jade and Daniel Johnston were on the road for the first six months of their young son Jakob’s life. Theirs is a blog about the art of slow travel, family matters, and seeing the world on a budget.

Sydney Kids Food + Travel

The perfect place to learn how to explore the big city of Sydney with the kids. Learn about everything from child-friendly inner-city cafes, where to nab the best parking spots, and a few choice tidbits from these bloggers’ time abroad.

Toddlers On Tour

A seasoned traveller if there ever was one, Sally-Anne has been travelling since she was a child, and has both studied tourism and worked in the industry. Her own family travel stories are located in and around Asia, and she has all the best advice on how to travel with young children with ease.

Travel With Bender

Erin and Josh Bender left left their Perth home with their two children, Mia and Caius, in May 2012 and have been travelling the world nomadically ever since. Their impressive list of travel destinations span across Europe, Asia and America, with their experiences forming an invaluable travel resource for both families and individuals.

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