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Taking a Break from a Stressful Job

11 June 2013

Travelling on business is not all it’s cracked up to be. While you do get to see new people and places, constantly being on the road and living out of a suitcase can take its toll both mentally and physically. With that in mind, here are some useful tips for relieving the stress of corporate travel.
Stay in a central location

If you’re on an extended business trip in an unfamiliar city, choose accommodation that’s in the centre of things, so you don’t spend any more time travelling than you have to.

Stay somewhere nice

Unless your boss insists on you staying in a flea-pit motel, choose somewhere nice to stay, such as a serviced apartment. This will give you more space, more privacy, better amenities such as kitchen and laundry facilities and will have a much nicer ambience to come home to.

Stay in touch with loved ones

One of the worst things about travelling is being away from friends and family, so it’s a good idea to always have the means to stay in touch. Take a laptop or smart phone with you and choose accommodation that offers free wifi, so you can contact your loved ones whenever you want.

Surround yourself with home

Taking a few things that remind you of home along with you on your business trip will help to make your accommodation feel more comfortable and homey. Your favourite music, photos of family or a couple of favourite books can all help you to relax at the end of a long business day.

Stay fit and healthy

It’s vital that you stay healthy while away from home and long stressful working days can drain you of energy and weaken your immune system. You should attempt to maintain a regular pattern of daily exercise, such as going for a run before work, which is always a healthy way to start the day.

Eat the right foods

Another aspect to good health is eating the right foods. When you travel, it’s easy to grab the first thing that comes to hand, even though it is often not the best from a dietary point of view. You should attempt to eat good whole foods as often as possible, which is why a self-contained apartment with a kitchen is such a good idea.

Stay grounded

Late nights and frequent socialising are often a necessary element of a business traveller’s lifestyle, but excessive alcohol consumption not only impairs judgement, it also takes its toll on your body. If you must do a lot of entertaining as part of your job, try to stick to non-alcoholic drinks as much as possible and grab as many early nights as your schedule will allow..

Be organised

Nothing causes more stress than being late, losing important items or getting lost in a strange city. If you plan your trip and organise each part of it, so that you always know where everything is and what you have to do, then you won’t get stressed and your trip may actually result in a little pleasure as well as business.

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