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How To Make a Business Trip Fun

How To Make a Business Trip Fun

20 March 2014

What is it they say about all work and no play? Business trips don’t have to be all work. Even if you’ve got a crammed schedule with back to back meetings, we’ve got some helpful tips for getting the most out of your next business trip and reducing the stress that is often associated with business travel too.

A day each side

Ask your boss if you can arrive a day early, and then leave a day after you’ve concluded your meetings and work commitments. The day before will give you time to prepare and ease yourself into your new surrounds. This is particularly helpful if you are traveling to an international destination you’ve never been before. The extra day once you’ve concluded your work, is time for you to do some sightseeing, or to simply enjoy a little R and R before heading home.

Find someone local to show you around

The best way to immerse yourself in a new city when you don’t have much time to spare is to have someone who lives locally show you around. Speak to friends, family and coworkers before booking a local guide. You might know someone who knows someone in that city who is willing to show you around to all of the very best ‘locals only’ spots.

Be clever about how you schedule your meetings

Rather than meeting a client or colleague in your hotel lobby, why not meet them at a restaurant you want to check out? Or you could always ask them to meet you at an art gallery if there is an exhibition on that you want to see. If it’s a formal meeting, you could always locate a restaurant or cafe nearby and then check out the show before or after your meeting.

Eat out

The lure of room service is tempting, but if you are in a foreign country you’ve never been to before and don’t have much time to explore, one of the best things you can do to experience your surrounds is to eat in a variety of different places. Try new food and enjoy every meal outside the hotel. Research the best spots beforehand and befriend the concierge who will most likely be able to guide you to the best parts of the city.

If you plan well and do your research beforehand, you can make sure the next time you have to go away for work, you’ll be able to get some play time in there too.

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