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Coming to Sydney for New Year’s Eve

7 January 2013

There is no better place in the world to be for New Year’s Eve than the gorgeous harbour city of Sydney, because regardless of your idea of the perfect party, Sydney is sure to have just what you are after. The following tips will help you get the most out of your Sydney New Year’s Eve.
Book early

A huge amount of people come to Sydney for New Year’s Eve each year, making it crucial that you book your trip as soon as possible, because everything from Sydney hotels and serviced apartments to restaurants and harbour cruises will fill up very quickly. Especially if you are travelling with a large group or have some fairly specific wants or needs for your trip, your only chance of securing those crucial elements is to book as early as you possibly can.

Head to the water

Some of the biggest highlights in Sydney are water-oriented, from the spectacular Sydney Harbour to the idyllic northern and southern beaches, so if you are coming to Sydney for New Year’s Eve, plan to spend at least some of it on or near the water. There are a huge variety of cruises to choose from, countless parties happening along the harbour shoreline, and there is always a huge party down on Bondi Beach, so you will have no trouble finding a spectacular spot by the water to party.

Head to some parties

Nowhere in Australia has more parties going on for New Year’s Eve than Sydney, and you will find everything from dance parties to themed celebrations, so plan to hit up at least one. Most parties will require that you purchase tickets in advance, which more often will sell out well before the day, so make sure you know what will be going on — otherwise, you might miss something amazing.

Check out the fireworks

Every New Year’s Eve, Sydney puts on one of the world’s most impressive fireworks displays, so make sure you see at least some of it. There is usually an early show around 9pm, followed by an epic pyrotechnic spectacular at midnight, so whether you join the huge crowds down at the harbour shoreline or watch it on television at your Sydney accommodation, don’t miss the fireworks.

Extend your stay

There is a huge amount going on in Sydney for New Year’s Eve, and the parties continue well into New Year’s Day and beyond, so make the most of your visit and extend your stay as long as possible. It might take a day or two to recover from your New Year’s Eve celebrations and there is no better place to do it than on a Sydney beach, so rather than rush back home, get your year off to a fantastic start by spending an extra few days in Sydney.

If you plan on coming to Sydney for New Year’s Eve you are in for a real treat, but keep in mind that a lot of other people will be coming too, so it is best to come well organised.

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