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Experience Australia Through Time-Lapse with These Awesome Clips

Experience Australia Through Time-Lapse with These Awesome Clips

11 May 2015

Time-lapse photography is a video technique where the frequency at which film frames are captured is much lower than that used to view the sequence. This means that when the video is played at normal speed, the images appear to be on fast-forward.
The use of time-lapse photography in tourism promotion is garnering momentum. Time-lapse is the ideal way to present the pace and vibrancy of a destination and, in the space of a short video, holiday-makers can get a good look at some of the best landmarks and must-see things to do.

Over the last few years time-lapse videos have been created for many of Australia’s best-loved towns and cities. Each one spectacularly shows off their unique intricacies, capturing beauty, diversity and culture. From world-class waves to busy harbours; from heritage-listed buildings to lush green hills; and from dusty plains and red rocks to star-lit skies – it’s all here in Australia, just waiting to be explored.

Want a quick tour of Australia? Check out some of these incredible time-lapse videos.

Gold Coast

In the space of just 30 seconds, the Gold Coast is quickly summed up in a video depicting what life is like in Australia’s hottest surfing city. Flying over Snapper Rocks, bustling waves and Springbrook National Park, the video first takes a look at the tranquility and beauty that surrounds the vibrant strip. Explore Springbrook’s Natural Arch before flying back over the city, take a trip down the canals and past the opulent homes, and enjoy the upbeat music that compliments the vibe of the Gold Coast perfectly.

For a full-length version of’s time-lapse, visit


With so much to see and do in Sydney, a ‘regular’ video would go on forever and would fail to capture an ever changing day in Australia’s most populous city. By using time-lapse, the viewer can see in just over 4 minutes what Sydney has on offer, from the harbour rush to the beautiful family beaches.

As the sun rises over the city, watch the light hit and clouds roll over landmarks, such as the Blue Mountains, Sydney Opera House, and the busy harbour. Take a drive over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, catch a ferry ride, shop in the QVB, and marvel at St Mary’s Cathedral. Enjoy a rainbow over the CBD, watch as dusk rolls in and be mesmerised by the perfect moon as it says goodnight to Sydney.

This beautifully presented time-lapse is the perfect way to start your journey to Sydney.

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is nature at its best, and this is perfectly presented in the short 3.19 minute video by Titled “Home of the Soul” and part of the Through Locals Eyes project, this timelapse video shows amazing rock formations, lush green landscapes, and pristine, peaceful beaches. Imagine walking on completely secluded sands, taking a dip in crystal azure waters, and driving along the majestic coastal roads. Even at night there’s still so much to see, with a starlit sky like no other.

Kangaroo Island really is “Home of the Soul”, and this time-lapse video is a great way to experience it if you can’t get there in person.


In a huge project by Danien Berends of DB Digital, this time-lapse video features more than 10,000 stills and took around three months to create. Set to the music “My Tears are Becoming a Sea” by M83, the video starts at night when the city is at its most magical.

As the sun rises and the city wakes, you’ll discover the big part that river life plays in Brisbane. The mighty Brisbane River is at the hub of everything, and must be explored when visiting the region. During the video you’ll also discover hidden CBD parks, the Wheel of Brisbane, Story Bridge, and amazing aerial shots before being taken back to night time and the pretty lights.


For 2 minutes and 50 seconds, explore Melbourne as Steven Wright did and see the fast-paced city at various points of the day. You’ll be able to watch the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel turn, see lights switch on and off in office buildings, and watch the sun rise and set.

Witness cars whizzing by, drive past Federation Square, watch the trains and clouds roll in, and consider a drink in the Waterside Hotel. You can even take a dip in the ocean.

While technically not a tourism video, this time-lapse shows that there’s always something in the city. It’s Australia’s answer to funky New York without the insane crowds.


To the sound of Coldplay and their hit “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall”, enjoy Perth in the Eyes of the Camera – a film created by Alvin Futography.

Known for its clear skies and beautiful weather, this time-lapse video clearly shows the blue skies and glorious sunsets. It highlights the newness of the city with the use of moving cranes, and this is also reflected in how clean everything looks. Join office workers on their way to work, catch a ride on the underground rail system, wander through the picturesque lanes to do some shopping, and dine waterside at dusk.

And at the end of the day, walk the perfectly white sands as the sun sets below the Indian ocean.


Through Velibor Kecojevic’s time-lapse video of Adelaide, it’s clear what a laid back city it is. Perfect for families, you can follow the Kecojevic family around town as they visit various sites, including areas such as Glenelg, West Beach, and the CBD.

A visit to the beach shows the calm waters and wide sands that are perfect for sand castle building. For the sport enthusiast, you can enjoy a game of beach volleyball or a game of basketball. Love to fish? Drop a line off the Glenelg pier, take a walk around the harbour, and enjoy a coffee or milkshake in one of the many cafes that overlook palm tree-lined streets.

If it’s laid back life you like, this video will see you heading off to Adelaide in no time.


The first thing that comes to your attention when watching this video by Peter Topliss is the colour. Everything seems more colourful in Hobart, from the blue sky and clear waters to the green hills and the colourful people. It’s vibrant and eclectic, and looks effortlessly interesting.

The video starts on the harbour, where colourful flags line the boardwalks between boats. The elegant music reflects the relaxing nature of this video well, and as you see the mist roll in, a rainbow appear over an industrial factory and families flying kites, you can’t help but feel calm.

Despite time-lapse speeding Hobart up, it still feels charmingly slow.

Easter Island

While technically a Chilean island, Easter Island lies in the southeastern Pacific Ocean approximately 9,000 km from Sydney. It’s one of the most remote islands in the world, and this is the first thing you notice when watching this beautiful time-lapse video.

Easter Island Timelapses gives the impression of isolation, serenity, and peace. Set to “Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul” by the Glitch Mob, the video flies over the incredible island, giving you a closer look at what makes it so special. Heavily featured is of course the moai, the 887 monumental statues that make the island so famous. Created by the early Rapanui people, they are a sight that  must be seen.

Blue Mountains

When Konstantin Basov set to work on a time-lapse video of the Blue Mountains, it would have been evident early on that he was creating something incredible. The Blue Mountains is packed full of breathtaking waterfalls, creeks, rainforest walks and sharp rock faces, the very makings of the perfect nature video.

The video starts with a view over the mountains, the lush landscape hidden by the mist that so commonly lies at the bottom of each gully. The mist dances over the treetops to the sounds of the music, magically presenting the Blue Mountains to the viewer and mesmerising the eye as it slowly lets a little light through.

Discover the Three Sisters, one of the most recognised rock formations in the world, and as you explore waterfalls and charming hollows this video will soon have you booking a trip to the Blue Mountains.

Time-lapse videos are such an interesting experience to both view and make, why don’t you try your hand at making one of your own?

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