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Exploring Brisbane’s Art Scene

22 October 2012

Brisbane has become known throughout Australia as having a blossoming art scene, so if you are interested in art and are visiting Brisbane for whatever reason, don’t check out of your Brisbane accommodation before checking out the arts here first. The following is a brief look at how and where to find the art scene in Brisbane, and be sure to ask at your accommodation in Brisbane about anything that may be happening in the arts while you are visiting.
The Queensland Gallery of Art

Considered one of Australia’s leading art museums, the Queensland Gallery of Art is somewhere that any art lover must visit when in Brisbane. While the building itself is a work of art, the exhibitions, collections and programs it hosts are world class, and include an impressive Indigenous Australian Art collection, as well as a number of constantly changing travelling exhibitions.

Museum of Brisbane

This incredible institution operates an exhibition program that aims to support and document the social and cultural history of Brisbane, as well as provide space for the city to express and define itself. By constantly hosting exhibitions, installations and events, the Museum of Brisbane has become a vehicle by which the people of this world-class city can get creative, challenge themselves, and ultimately make the city a better place to live.

Queensland Museum South Bank

One of the most popular art and culture institutions in Brisbane, this museum features a constantly changing variety of educational exhibitions and programs, including those highlighting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, Ancient Egyptian history and artefacts, and a strong focus on natural history.

Brisbane Arts Theatre

Performing arts are a huge part of the art scene here and there is no better place to check it out than by visiting one of Brisbane’s longest running theatre companies, the Brisbane Arts Theatre. This important Brisbane institution has been around for 76 years, and apart from offering two complementary seasons of live theatre each year, also offers a wide variety of training related to theatre performance and operations. If you are in Brisbane for a visit and want to check out the arts, be sure to stop by the Brisbane Arts Theatre to see if anything is going on.


There are a huge number of privately owned and operated art galleries in Brisbane that regularly host some of the city’s most promising up-and-coming artists, so if you want to get a good sense of what is going on in the Brisbane art scene, be sure to pay a visit to some of the local galleries.

The street

Street art has become an increasingly popular medium over the past couple of decades and following on from the world acclaim achieved by graffiti artists in Melbourne, Brisbane street artists have stepped it up in a big way of late. Whether you keep your ears open for graffiti art exhibitions taking place at galleries, cafes and art spaces, or you just walk around the alleys of inner-city Brisbane, make sure you check out the incredible street art when you are up here.

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