How to Make an Extended Business Trip Worthwhile

Friday December 30th, 2011

For some executive business people, long stay business trips are not uncommon. These trips are usually a priority for your business, with important agendas and targeted outcomes. As an executive, your time is valuable and, most likely, already stretched. You can use your time more effectively on your next extended business trip by applying some of the following ideas.

Have one central location

If you’re in a city like Brisbane for business you should have accommodation in the business centre of the city. This will save you time that would be wasted on commuting to the city. Staying in one place for the entire trip will also help you to get into a routine and eliminate the interruption of relocating.

Use serviced apartments

You will want to book the best serviced apartments Brisbane has to offer, rather than having a small and costly hotel room for a longer stay. Quality hotel rooms can be comfortable, but do not have that homely feeling of a service apartment. One of the great advantages of a serviced apartment is the generous size of the space. You will have your room, a living room and a work desk area – to keep your work and rest time separate.

Proactively arrange additional client meetings

Organising too many meetings can sometime be counter-productive, but timely and focussed meetings can equal customer loyalty and greater revenue for your business. If you have new products or if you would like to re-establish or strengthen a client relationship, contact your clients based in the state or city you will be in before you make the trip. Don’t waste your time if you sense that a meeting will be unproductive, but if there is opportunity for growth go for it.

Maximise your time with the key people

If you work with a team, take the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with key people on the team. Make time to join in on office or team social activities while you are in town. Arrange to have lunch or coffee with team member with whom you regularly interact by phone and email. This is great for business and will add to collaboration.

Get comfortable

Being uneasy or uncomfortable in your environment, particularly in your accommodation away from home, can make you anxious and tired, and therefore ineffective. You need accommodation which virtually a home away from home. Choose apartments Brisbane for clean, comfortable rooms that you can get some good down time in.


Identify time wasting activities in your days and work to minimise these. If you have arranged a swag of meetings and lunches, be sure to keep an eye on the clock and be ready to end the meeting on time. Be accountable for your time and productivity while you’re away by keeping track of all your activities in a day planner.

Use your down time well

Though late nights and alcohol seem like excellent pursuits after a long and hard day, you will definitely regret it the next day. You will also have to spend rest of your week getting past that hang over after a few nights of partying. Don’t fall into a trap of overworking or partying too hard. Being excessive in work hours or drinking and partying will make your ineffective in the long term.

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