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Finding the Right Transport in Sydney

14 February 2013

Sydney is a very big city that can take a lot of planning to get around, but the following tips will help make finding the right transport the easiest part of your Sydney holiday.

Where Do You Need To Go?

The best way for you to get around Sydney will depend a lot on where it is that you want or need to go, because while some areas will have a huge amount of options for getting to and from them, others have far fewer choices available. So before you decide on how you plan on getting around Sydney, decide where you need to go, locate each of those places on a map along with where your accommodation in Sydney will be, and research your transportation options online.

What Can You Afford?

As with most things when you are travelling, the cost will often help determine the best option for you, so before you go booking any of your Sydney transportation, first establish a budget that you can afford. If you are short on cash, walking is always your best bet, and there are a huge amount of gorgeous walks throughout Sydney, and if you have even a little money to spend there are some great deals on daily transit passes that will mean you can see a lot in one day. For those who want to treat themselves to something special, the options for luxury transport in Sydney are almost endless and range from limousines and yachts to rental sports cars and helicopters.

How Much Time Do You Have?

The best Sydney transportation for you will depend largely on how much time you have for your visit, so if you only have a very limited amount of time you may need to go for some of those slightly higher speed options. Having transportation that runs close to your Sydney accommodation can save you a lot of time, and getting on a tour can also be a smart way to see as much as possible in a short period of time.

Romantic Transportation

Sydney is a wonderful place to spend a romantic trip away with your partner, and a great way to make your time away together all the more special is by choosing some of the more romantic transportation options. Harbour cruises offer some of the most romantic ways to get from A to B, and nothing beats a leisurely horse drawn carriage ride through Centennial Park in the arms of your special someone. One of the best free romantic transportation options in Sydney is to go for a long walk together, because apart from being a great way to see more of the city, there are endless romantic spots to get a view of the water and spend time alone together.

Eco-friendly Transit

It is all well and good to want to have a luxurious holiday, but you should be trying to make your Sydney visit as eco-friendly as possible as well, especially when it comes to your transportation. If you want to reduce your negative environmental impact drive as little as you can, avoid taking joy flights on planes or helicopters, and choose more self-propelled modes of transit such as walking and cycling. Just because you are on holiday that shouldn’t mean caring less about the environment.

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