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The Best Foods to Enjoy in Australia

7 April 2012

Australians like their food, and they are spoiled with a huge variety of high quality options. While the cuisine isn’t exactly exotic, food here definitely has its own style, and is highly regarded around the world. When you’re in Australia, make sure you eat lots of the following fantastic foods when you have the chance.

With an extremely long growing season and perfect growing conditions, Australia is absolutely blessed with its massive variety of high-quality fruit. Whether you’re a fan of Tasmanian apples, Queensland strawberries or South Australian oranges, fresh organic fruit in Australia makes the rest of the world’s fruit seem bland. From passion fruit to rockmelon to custard apple, fruit is easily one of Australia’s food highlights.

Macadamia nuts

If you go to the right parts of the country, you can harvest these yourself, but however you get hold of them, be sure that you have your fill of these creamy, delicious nuts. Even with so many here, macadamias are still quite expensive, but compared to the macadamia nut prices in rest of the world, this is your best chance to enjoy them.


Not surprisingly, being an island country, Australia has some of highest quality seafood in the world — so if you like seafood, you’ll be in heaven here. Any number of restaurants in any Australian city offer fresh seafood daily, though it’s worth eating at some of the restaurants right by the water, as there is nothing like having water views to enjoy your seafood with.


Aussies love their pies, with the great Australian meat pie still a hugely popular lunch item across the country. Pie varieties have expanded a lot over the last ten years or so, and now you can get anything from broccoli and cheese to curried wombat. Do something extremely Australian and grab yourself a pie!


Australians are renowned for their sweet tooth, and this can be measured in the amount of cake shops and patisseries right across the country. Sweets are a big deal here, and there is an enormous amount of options, many of which are particular to Australia. There are also sizeable ‘lolly shops’, providing a massive amount of sweets that are guaranteed to keep your child running around for hours.

Vegemite on toast

If you’re in Australia, you have to try this classic Aussie delicacy. A type of yeast extract that looks like chocolate but is extremely salty, there is nothing that can compare to the taste of Vegemite. The way to eat it is on a slice of toast, buttered, and with a thin layer of vegemite spread on top. Too much will be overpowering, even for Aussies, but the right amount is a healthy, tasty and very Australian treat.

Aussie foods are highly enjoyable, so be sure to try your fair share while you’re here. Whether you’re staying at a hostel in Bondi or serviced apartments in Adelaide, chances are there is great food nearby, so if possible, try and get your short term accommodation with some basic cooking facilities, so you can start really getting into your food.

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