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Hottest Destinations for End of Year Conferences

30 August 2012

When it comes to picking a place to hold an end-of-year conference, most groups look for a place where they are able to mix business with pleasure. Apart from taking care of that all-important end of year business, it should also be a time to celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of the year, making it important to find the right place. The following are some of the hottest destinations for end-of-year conferences.
Las Vegas

One of the most popular destinations for just about anything, Las Vegas is also a hotspot when it comes to end-of-year conferences, so if your business or organisation is looking for somewhere a little more exciting for this year’s event, consider heading to Vegas. While the short-term accommodation is fantastic and the conference facilities are world class, whether or not Vegas will prove to be the best fit for your group will usually come down to how you like to have fun, because the Las Vegas style of partying most certainly is not for everyone.


It is little wonder that Sydney has consistently been the preferred choice for many end-of-year conferences, because when you aren’t in the conference there are few places in the world more beautiful. Between the serviced apartments, beach-front hotels and wide array of conference facilities, Sydney is more than well enough equipped to host a conference of any size, and the beaches, nightlife and friendly people make Sydney a favourite choice of conference venue for many.

San Francisco

One of the world’s most beautiful and vibrant cities, San Francisco is more than capable of putting on a good conference, and every year’s end sees hundreds take place in this gorgeous city by the Bay. Being the home of IT, there is most definitely no shortage of high-tech capabilities here to suit any kind of conference, and few cities offer as much in the way of extracurricular entertainment options than San Francisco.


Arguably the most vibrant of Australia’s cities, Melbourne has become one of the most popular choices for end-of-year conferences. Apart from being well and truly equipped to host any kind of conference for any amount of people, this great city is also a world leader in hospitality, fashion, sport and entertainment, and hosts some of the world’s biggest trade shows each year. If your group or organisation decides you want to host this year’s annual conference in Melbourne, be sure to book early, as a lot of groups have permanent bookings for particular conference venues and, if you leave it late to book, there may not be space available.

New York City

There really is no place on earth like New York City, and many groups choose to hold their end-of-year conference here just as an excuse to have their members spend some time in what is a truly inspiring location. The cost of accommodation and conference facilities in Manhattan can be out of the reach of some groups, but many feel it is well worth it for the experience, not to mention the buzz their members take home with them.

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