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How to Make this Mother’s Day Special for Your Mum

How to Make this Mother’s Day Special for Your Mum

7 May 2015

One unique relationship that the majority of people share is a bond with their mothers. From the moment we are born she is to act as our protector and guiding force, nurturing us and shaping our first experiences.Mothers tend to make many sacrifices. They endure sleepless nights soothing when their child is sick; they offer encouragement at school; they rejoice in triumphs and share in disappointments. As you grow older, they wait anxiously for the return from first dates and job interviews, offering sympathy and wise words for bruised egos and battered adolescent hearts.

Mother’s Day is an annual opportunity to celebrate – and spoil – a person who is likely to be one of the most important in your life.

Where it all began
Although various celebrations about motherhood can be traced back to ancient times, ‘Mother’s Day’ as it is now known didn’t begin in Australia until 1924, when Mrs Janet Heyden started the tradition of annual gifts for mothers.
It is believed that while visiting a patient at the ‘Newington State Home for Women’, Mrs Heyden was shocked to find so many isolated mothers seemingly abandoned by their offspring. She decided, with the help of local school children, to encourage businesses to donate gifts to the women. This initiative became an annual event recognising the contribution of women to both their own children and to others.
Eventually, a nationwide ‘Mother’s Day’ was established as a way to acknowledge the role of mothers throughout the country. There are now various different Mother’s Day celebrations throughout the world, and in Australia it traditionally takes place on the second Sunday in May.

Gift ideas
Flowers are a traditional Mother’s Day gift, particularly bunches of chrysanthemums as they happen to be in season during May. This flower coincidentally also ends in “mum”, which is the affectionate shortening of “mother”. And if chrysanthemums aren’t your thing, you could choose a flower you know your mother enjoys, and mix it with a foliage plant like eucalyptus or a long stemmed herb like rosemary.
A beautiful scented candle is another popular choice. There are a great variety of options, ranging from musky sandalwood to clean, fresh citrus fragrances. Or how about a personalised gift basket? If you’re able to deliver it yourself, why not buy a small wicker hamper and pack it with all the food items you know your mother will love, be it different cheeses, cookies, chocolate, wine or exotic fruits.
If you’re looking for something longer lasting, what about an item of jewellery? Some designers can press names or personal messages onto silver discs, which can then be suspended from a chain or leather thong as a more personal gift.

A bit of pampering
A gift voucher for a ‘treat day’ at a local spa makes a lovely surprise for a hard-working mum, or perhaps your mother would rather have a private lesson in her favourite sport, be it golf, surfing or yoga? If she loves cooking, how about arranging a ‘master class’ at a top-class restaurant, or engage a chef who specialises in a cuisine that she loves to provide the food for a delicious dinner party for her.

A special day out
What better way to reward someone who has spent many hours ferrying you around and cooking meals than with a special day out? If you live near Sydney, there are great ‘Mother’s Day’ harbour cruises, some including breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
If your family has been touched by illness, or you just feel like doing something to help other mothers on this special day, both Sydney and Brisbane have ‘Mother’s Day Classic’ fun runs/walks. Joggers of all ages (and speeds!) can enter either a 8km or a 4.5 kilometre course, with the aim of raising as much money as possible for fighting breast cancer. If your mother is keen to do it with you, this could be a great bonding exercise for the two of you!

Send them on a trip
Another option for a spectacular Mother’s Day gift could be to send them on a weekend trip away to somewhere fun like the Gold Coast or the Sydney for a couple of days of shopping. Thanks to the great prices offered by our Meriton Serviced Apartments, your mother could be living it up in style without it breaking your bank account. And they’ll always remember the trip as a true expression of just how much you appreciate them.
No matter what you choose to do for this Mother’s Day this year, the most important thing you shouldn’t forget is to tell your mum just how much you love them, as that will be more priceless to them than all the gifts in the world.

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