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Join the Brisbane Zombie Walk This November for Charity

30 October 2015

Don’t be surprised if you’re in Brisbane on the 1st November and find yourself face to face with what looks like the whole cast of Shaun of the Dead. For on that day a swarm of zombies will drag themselves limping and shuffling around the city to raise money for charity, before ending up at Centenary Place for the official Thriller dance procession to the riotous after party. With Halloween the night before, it’s fitting that the city should become awash with zombies, especially as it’s all done to raise much needed money for The Brain Foundation of Australia.

Raising money for The Brain Foundation of Australia

The Brisbane Zombie Walk is an annual event in the city which first started in 2005. In 2009, it became affiliated with The Brain Foundation of Australia, a nationally registered charity dedicated to funding world-class research into neurological disorders, brain disease and brain injuries, to raise both awareness and much needed funds. The public loved it and, since then, thousands of people have dressed up as zombies every year, shuffling through the streets of Brisbane in ripped clothing and covered in fake blood.

Celebrating nearly 10 years of zombie walks in Brisbane

By 2013 the event changed direction a little, incorporating a Music Festival into proceedings, although this did mean that the venue was changed from the streets of Brisbane to the RNA Showgrounds. This new format was hugely successful, raising over $53,000 for the Brain Foundation and putting it in the record books as the biggest and most successful Zombie Walk in the world. Now, after 3 years, it’s gone back to its roots and the zombies will once more be trawling the streets of Brisbane looking for salvation. This year’s walk is extra special as it’s celebrating its 10th event, and it promises to be not just another record breaking event, but yet another important milestone in the Brisbane Zombie Walk history.

A brand new mascot for Brisbane Zombie Walk 2015

This year’s walk is called BRISBANE ZOMBIE WALK X (Origins) 2015: Day of the Dead’ and takes place on Sunday 1st November  at Roma Street Parkland. Of course while it’s totally free to join in the fun, the whole idea of the walk is for groups to get together and complete the course while raising money for charity. Some groups love the challenge so much that they do it year after year, seeing how much money they can raise while doing so.

To celebrate the 10th event, there’s a new mascot called Brian. A man of few words, he’s especially at home when he’s part of the zombie swarm, so be sure to look out for him at BZW 2015. He lists flesh and chips and nutribrain cereal as his favourite foods, so you may be lucky enough to catch him chomping away at one of the many food stalls on site.

Back on the streets of Brisbane after 3 years

This year’s Brisbane Zombie Walk starts from the ABSOE Building in West End, ambling through the streets in a loop before returning to the Roma Street Parkland. Once the walkers have found their way back to the starting point they’ll be treated to an after party where they can let their hair down (if they have any left) and dance till dawn – well, until 9:00pm at least.

As previously noted, this year’s walk is going to be extra special as, after a hiatus of 3 years, it’s back on the streets of Brisbane instead of at the showground, with the aim of retaining its number 1 spot as the biggest and most successful Zombie Walk, not just in Australia or the Southern hemisphere, but in the world! The walk has previously held unofficial records, with the event boasting over 22,000 participants in 2013.

Plenty of fun and entertainment

Of course, there’ll be lots of fun and frolics along the way with plenty of music, markets, movies, and that all important zombie make-up. There’s even a Splatterhouse Marquee for those zombies who’d like some extra fake blood splattered on them for good measure. You’ll also find lots of stalls to browse and buy, including Crazy Contacts and Beserk Clothing.


Will you be taking part in this year’s Brisbane Zombie Walk?

This year the Brain Foundation is hoping to raise in excess of $20,000 to provide much needed funding for research into brain injuries and disorders, so they need as many people as possible to turn up and join in the fun. If you’d like tobecome a zombie for a day, why not gather together some of your friends and join in the party?

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