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Long Stay Options For The Discerning Traveller

22 January 2012

Do you have an extended trip coming up for you and your family? As with everything these days, the accommodation options seem endless, but it’s easy to make a decision when you know what to look for. If you’re headed somewhere interstate like Brisbane, serviced apartments Brisbane can have all your needs covered for the long stay. Here’s how other accommodation options compare to the serviced apartments.


Motels often conjure up the image of a seedy establishment on the side of a lonely highway. Though not all motels will look the ones we see on TV, they are certainly relics of a time long ago. The popularity of motels has been declining consistently and many of the ones still around are run by small business owners.

Motels have the reputation for being out-dated and tired in appearance. Motels are more frequently used for short stays or people passing through the area. This set up can make for an uncomfortable stay if your there for an extended period of time. Serviced apartments offer modern luxury, privacy and comfort. Compared to the quality of apartments Brisbane it’s easy to see that motels are easily left in the dust.


Quality hotels are a popular choice for people who have the money to pay the nightly rates. For longer stays, 5 star hotel rates can be difficult to maintain. While going for a lower star rated hotel may mean lower costs, it usually also means compromising on quality. Hotels can also be limiting for long term stays as rooms are generally designed for sleeping only.

Serviced apartments, on the other hand, are designed with comfort and versatility in mind. With more space than the average hotel room, staying in a service apartment will give you the living space to feel at home. You’ll have room enough to cook, relax and take time out.

Rental properties

A rental property will give you the space and the facilities to cook your own meals. If you’re travelling with a bigger group, a big house, could be a good option financially. The problem with rental properties for big groups, however, is that you miss out on the privacy of having your own self-contained apartment.

A really beautiful holiday home rental can actually be very costly to rent, particularly during peak holiday seasons. The best rentals also have limited availability, as they can be booked up months in advance. Serviced apartments in popular cities like Sydney and Brisbane have a huge range of rooms available all year round.

Spare room in a family member’s house

We’ve all done it – many of us with some regrets. Staying in the spare room of a family member who happens to live in the city we’re visiting. When it comes to family, things are usually complicated and after a week, you can start to feel like you’re intruding. There is also the issue of family members tending to live in suburbs far from all the action of the city hubs.

Ensure that you have your own space and spend your extended holiday the way you want to, with a serviced apartment in the city of your choice.

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