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Men Are Out As Women Choose To Fly Solo

9 November 2013

Women are increasingly choosing to do their travelling without men, for a number of reasons.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, it’s not just single women hitting the travel agent alone. Although relationship break-ups are one of the reasons for travelling solo, women with partners and families are also choosing to get away from it all, citing a desire for “me-time”. Other reasons include widowhood or divorce, health improvement, the pursuit of a passion and businesswomen seeking a break from long hours and a demanding workload.

The destinations are as varied as the motivation, with some women opting for adventure whilst others want a shopping break without feeling obliged to accommodate partners or children. Spa breaks are popular with women, as are all-women retreats and trips with the option to be alone or mix with other women.

For inspiration and information about travelling alone, try the following blogs and websites:


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