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How to Mix Business and Pleasure on the Gold Coast

30 April 2013

The Gold Coast is an extremely popular destination for business as well as pleasure, and the following looks at how to mix the two to achieve the greatest effect.
Stay Close to the Action

If you are heading to the Gold Coast on business and want to try to fit in a bit of a holiday while you are there, plan to stay somewhere central as this way it will be a lot easier to make the most of any spare time you get, however small of a window that may be. There are a huge amount of Gold Coast accommodation options located right in the thick of the action, with dozens of Surfers Paradise resorts and Gold Coast hotels located within steps of gorgeous beaches, delicious restaurants, awesome bars and some of the hottest nightclubs in Australia.

Hold Lunch or Dinner Meetings

Most business trips involve having lots of meetings, which can leave little time for anything else, but a great way to ensure that you get to enjoy some of the many non-work highlights while you are here is to hold some of your business meetings over lunch or dinner. There is no shortage of fantastic places to meet over breakfast, lunch, dinner or even drinks, so plan to keep as many of your business meetings as possible out of the boardroom.

Change the Business Setting

Sometimes the best place to get work done isn’t always in a sit down meeting type setting. So if you are heading to the Gold Coast to connect with some important business contacts, consider trying a less conventional approach. Meeting over a game of golf, bonding over surfing lessons or spending the day deep sea fishing can add a new dimension to your business relationships. While it is important to have the fine details of your business relationship in order, there is a lot to be said for getting to know each other as well.

Stay for a Few Days Extra

One of the best ways to mix business with pleasure on the Gold Coast is to stay for an extra day or two, because it would be a shame to head straight back home after your business is done and miss out on all the many highlights here. Whether you want to unwind after your busy schedule with a day on the beach or let off some steam at one of the thrilling theme parks, give yourself the opportunity to do so if you can, and your work is sure to benefit as a result.

Don’t Mix It Too Much

While you should definitely take advantage of being on the Gold Coast and fit in some pleasure around your business obligations, make sure that your non-work activities aren’t interfering with getting your work done. Avoid late nights if you have meetings the next day; and until your business has been taken care of, always keep it as your number one priority. Remember that your boss will have paid a lot of money to sponsor your trip and he or she won’t be too impressed if you fail to get your work done.

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