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Outdoor Fun on the Gold Coast

22 November 2012

The Gold Coast really does have it all, from the most beautiful beaches and hottest clubs to the tastiest food and most comfortable serviced apartments. Most of all, one area where you will never be short of fantastic options is in finding ways to have fun outdoors. The following is a brief look at a few of the countless ways you can have some fun outdoors on the Gold Coast. If you are lucky enough to find yourself in this beautiful part of the world, get out, get active and make the most of being in an absolute paradise.

Out of all of the great outdoor activities you can do on the Gold Coast, surfing is by far the most famous, with surfers coming from all over the world each year to take on what are regarded as some of the most consistent and best waves in the world.

There are a number of high-quality surfing competitions held here each year as well; if you have never surfed before but want to give it a try, you are in luck, because there is no shortage of people willing and able to teach you. If you do decide to book some surf lessons, ask at your Gold Coast accommodation for recommendations on which companies are the best options.

Theme parks

For those who like their fun outdoor activities to be a little more on the thrilling and/or terrifying side, the Gold Coast has you covered with some of the best theme parks in Australia. Whether you are looking for water slides, roller coasters or just a kid-friendly place to have a fun day with the family, the theme parks here are hard to beat. If you will be on the Gold Coast for more than a day or two and plan on going to more than one theme park, look into the various theme park pass options, because you can save a small fortune on multiple visits with a pass.

Beach cricket

There is no more Australian way to enjoy some outdoor fun on the Gold Coast than by getting a cricket bat, a tennis ball and holding an epic game of beach cricket on one of your choice of gorgeous Gold Coast beaches. You are guaranteed to pick up a few players as the game develops, and if you have brought a picnic basket of goodies along with you, you can easily spend the entire day playing cricket down on the sand.


Whether you like fishing from the beach or from a boat out in deeper water, the Gold Coast has a huge variety of fishing opportunities just waiting for you. If you want to try going after some big fish there are all sorts of fishing charter companies available providing your best chance ever to hook a shark, a bluefin tuna or some other really large fish. If you are looking more for peace and quiet and less for hooking monsters of the deep, the beach fishing on the Gold Coast is some of the best in Queensland, and there is certainly more than enough beach to go around.

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