Packing For Australia’s Varying Climate

Sunday October 7th, 2012

If you are coming to Australia for any length of time it is smart to come prepared for a variety of weather conditions, because pretty much anything can and does happen weather wise down here. The following are a few things to keep in mind when packing for your Australia trip.
It can get cold here too

Even though the stereotype of Australian weather is of being hot all of the time, it can actually get fairly cold down here too, so make sure you pack some warm clothing. While the temperatures will rarely get below zero, it can certainly get cold enough to be uncomfortable, so even if you are only coming for a few weeks, pack at least one outfit for dealing with cold weather.

When it rains, it pours

Despite experiencing drought conditions in most of the country for much of the past century, Australia has become known for its heavy rainfall in recent years, which has in some cases been severe enough to cause flash flooding. Regardless of which part of the country you are heading to, pack some wet weather gear. It is common across the country to experience ferocious electrical storms throughout the summer, which are frequently accompanied by heavy downpours, and come winter, some areas will get rain for days on end.

Swimmers and cool clothing

Regardless of when you come to visit, Australia can get extremely hot at almost any time of the year, and while most holiday apartments and group accommodation will be well air conditioned, don’t get caught out on a scorcher down here without your swimmers and some appropriate clothing. Be sure to pack some of your lightest, coolest clothes for your trip, especially if you will be here during the summertime, because in hotter summers the temperatures can soar to the high 40s with regularity.

Wind protection

Australia can be quite a windy place, especially if you spend much of your time near the water — as most people do — so if you have a decent windproof layer at home, be sure to bring it with you when you come. If you own a hoodie, definitely bring it, as a decent hooded top can be the perfect layer of protection for any of those windier days.

Don’t bring too much

There is no need to bring a huge amount of stuff with you to Australia, because you can get anything you may want or need when you get down here. For those who don’t mind buying second hand, you won’t need to bring much at all, because Australia has more second-hand stores than just about anywhere in the world, so you can pick up practically anything for your adventure cheap when you arrive.

Australia is a huge country and the weather can be totally different from one place to the next, so if you want to come prepared to get the absolute most out of your trip, pack for all types of weather. It is hard to be prepared for every type of weather condition, but just don’t leave your awesome rain jacket or windproof layer at home, because you will probably wish you had them at some point in your trip.

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