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Planning a Group Tour Through Sydney

7 August 2012

Planning a group tour through Sydney is a fantastic idea, as there are few cities in the world that are more beautiful, vibrant and entertaining. The following is a look at some of the things you should consider when planning your group’s Sydney tour.
Book early

Regardless of what time of year you come to Sydney, it is going to be busy, so make sure you book anything that needs booking as far ahead as possible. Group accommodation in particular can book up extremely fast, so if you have particular serviced apartments that you want to stay at, or just want to make sure you can all stay together, book early.

What to see

Sydney is absolutely full of highlights, so if you are planning your own tour through here, take your time to find out exactly where all those special places are. Sydney has all sorts of historical highlights, places of incredible natural beauty, cultural delights, famous restaurants and world-class beaches; there will likely be a festival or two going on as well. There will certainly be no shortage of things for your group to see in Sydney.

Keeping everyone happy

Depending on the group with which you are coming to Sydney, you may have varying ideas on what the best plan for a tour will be, so sit down with your group and try to come up with a plan for a Sydney tour that everyone loves. This will be easier to do if you give yourself a bit more time to tour the city, and if there is a pretty clear split in your group, it can sometimes be worth separating for parts of your trip.

Saving money

Sydney can be an expensive city if you aren’t thinking about saving money, and especially if you are going to be coming with a big group of people. For everyone’s sake, you should plan to take advantage of as much free stuff as you can. Have some of your group help research free activities going on in Sydney when your group will be there, and as much as possible, plan to take advantage of grocery stores and opportunities to cook your own food to avoid spending a fortune on eating out. It can be worth paying a little extra for accommodation that has cooking facilities provided.

Taking someone else’s tour

Rather than agonise over planning the perfect tour for your group, you can often save time, money and have a way better tour by taking someone else’s tour instead. Some parts of Sydney are far easier to check out as part of a tour, such as the gorgeous Sydney Harbour, and other areas simply can’t be seen except on an existing tour, like the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Regardless, it makes sense that the locals would know Sydney best, so take a load off your mind and take your group on a few tours that are already organised for you.

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