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Getting Ready for the Gold Coast V8 Supercars

22 May 2012

The Gold Coast really does have something for everyone, and for the car enthusiasts out there, this city puts on a show you have to see to believe with the annual V8 Supercar event. The racing is always tight and the party rocking, as car lovers from all over gather on the paradise-like strip and live it up Gold Coast style for a weekend. The following is a quick look at all you need to know to get ready for this incredible event.
Get your tickets

You don’t want to miss a second of this action-packed weekend, so make sure you get your tickets the moment they go on sale. Once you have them, then you know you are actually going, but until you do, you obviously aren’t 100 per cent ready yet.

Getting there

Whether you are flying in from Auckland with your boyfriend or driving up from Sydney on an epic road trip with your mates, plan how you are going to get here and make any necessary arrangements. Allow as much time on the Gold Coast as you possibly can, because apart from the incredible racing, you may want to stay on to enjoy some of the other highlights too, such as the beaches, the nightclubs or the theme parks.


A lot of people come to the Gold Coast for this awesome event, so if you are at all particular about where you will be staying, make sure you book as early as you possibly can. There is a huge amount and variety of Gold Coast accommodation, and whether you are looking to stay in penthouse apartments or a youth hostel, everything is within walking distance, so staying close to all the action should be easy.


Don’t fool yourself — you are going to need a decent supply of these, and even with them in it will still be extremely loud. Pick up a box of decent quality earplugs well before the big weekend; and remember, having enough to share is a sure way to make friends.

Pimp your ride

The Gold Coast area is going to be jam packed with rev heads and car enthusiasts showing off their immaculate rides and powerful street machines, so if you have some sort of vehicle that is worth writing home about, make it pretty and show it off. You should be spending the months leading up to this huge weekend working on your vehicle inside and out.

Watch the tapes

Once you have all your plans organised and everything is booked and secured, start getting yourself hyped, because you are in for the weekend of a lifetime. Get hold of the DVD from the last year or two of the race and invite your mates around to watch it once more over pizza and beers. You can’t watch a fantastic race too many times, and you’ll be getting all fired up for the action you’ll be seeing really soon.

Even if you’ve been to the Gold Coast a dozen times before, if you haven’t come for the V8s then you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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