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Recharge Your Relationship With a Romantic Getaway

22 December 2011

Romantic relationships take work to stay happy, full of life and love. In our society the highest values seem to be money and work. It’s no surprise that many relationships suffer as a result of these priorities. If you’ve been neglecting your partner, it may be time to give the romance a boost with a lavish getaway.
All you need are a few days away with your partner to make them feel loved and special. You’ll be refreshed in the process too! With some focussed attention, thoughtful actions and lots of time to relax you’ll have your partner more in love with you than ever. Here are our tips for recharging your love relationship with a romantic getaway.

Make it a surprise – Anniversaries and birthdays are a wonderful time to make your partner feel special with a holiday, but a surprise getaway for no reason at all will blow their mind. Keep your plans to yourself as long as possible and surprise them by announcing a trip.

Rent the best – Choose a serviced apartment for your getaway. You will not only have the highest quality in accommodation and service, but you will also have all the benefits of a home away from home. If you decide to stay in a cosmopolitan capital city like Sydney, be sure to stay somewhere central like serviced apartments in Sydney to ensure that you and your partner are in the middle of all the action.

Staying in the heart of the city will mean that you can make the most of what a trendy city like Sydney has to offer. Take your partner to some of the country’s best restaurants. Make them feel like a million dollars by showering them with gifts from the plethora of amazing shops. Hire a sexy sports car and drive to one of the diverse Sydney suburbs for some exploring.

Plan a beach holiday – If the city is not your partner’s thing, plan a trip to a sunny location. Everyone loves the beach and lots of sunshine can really lift the spirits. Choose a holiday destination like the Gold Coast and make the most of the glorious weather. Factor in plenty of time for idleness on the beach or walking and sipping coffee in charming cafes.

Rent an apartment at Gold Coast apartments to ensure that you have the most comfortable accommodation for your trip. After hours outdoors, you and your partner will want to relax in your oversize apartment room. You can plan a dinner date in the city or stay in with take away or a meal you cooked yourself.

Set the right mood – Use your elegant accommodation to turn on the romance. Have champagne and chocolates waiting for you when you arrive. Bring some bubble bath and candles for the bathroom and turn on romantic or ambient music to set the mood.

Focus on your partner – You’ve got them in a beautiful location, now make the most of your trip by giving your partner all your attention. Be warm and inquisitive. Ask questions and spend hours talking about them. Your selfless and loving attitude will fill them with warmth and will have them overwhelmed with gratitude. You won’t regret taking the time and energy to make this a special getaway.

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