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Using Serviced Apartments for Business

20 October 2011

Travelling for business seems glamorous, but those who do it frequently know that it can be draining without the right planning and accommodation. Finding reliable and comfortable accommodation can be challenging, which is why many corporate travellers are choosing to switch to serviced apartments for their short stay and long stay business trips.
Travelling to Sydney for Business?

When travelling to busy cities such as Sydney for business, it’s important to have space to unwind away from it all. Serviced apartments Sydney offer a range of benefits that most motels and hotels cannot rival and can be a great solution to all the business traveller’s requirements.

The most significant benefit of serviced apartments is the size of the rooms. Apartments Sydney provide large, well appointed rooms that make guests feel comfortable. Serviced apartments are designed for living, so whether you’re sleeping over for a few nights or have an extended stay in the city, you will feel totally at home.

Booking a Room

Booking a room is a no-fuss process, with most serviced apartments having their own websites. Those who need to quickly book reliable accommodation with great service can do so by simply visiting the apartments website, browsing the room options and making a booking in a matter of minutes. Serviced apartments are always staffed by friendly and attentive employees who are there to give travellers a five star home away from home experience.

Business travellers are often time poor and are always looking for ways to maximize their use of their time. With serviced apartments, travellers have all the facilities they need in one place. This adds convenience to a business traveller’s accommodation experience.

Brisbane CBD

For most corporate travellers, meetings and other business related activities take place in and around the central business district. Having accommodation in the heart of the city is a necessity and provides greater convenience. Travelling too and from accommodation for appointments or conferences instantly becomes less of a hassle, which means the businessperson can focus on work. Staying in the city also makes things like picking up essential or a quick bite to eat an easy option for travellers.

Corporate travellers often need to bring their work back to their rooms after a day of meetings. Serviced apartments offer desk space as well as wireless Internet access for guests to get work done in the comfort of their rooms. Once their work is done, it’s easy to unwind and get some rest in the spacious apartment. With apartments in high rise buildings, business travellers can stay in the middle of the city while avoiding the noise pollutions from the streets outside.

Easy Comfort

Serviced apartments give travellers the option of preparing their own meals with self contained kitchenettes included in their rooms. Facilities such as fully equipped gyms and pools mean that travellers can incorporate their regular exercise into their time away from home. This helps to minimize disruptions to their routine and lifestyle.

Long stays away from home can be particularly challenging. Having a clean, modern and large room that is serviced by cleaning staff can make all the difference. It’s on longer business trips that luxuries like controlled air-conditioning, pay TV options and access to a variety of technology become necessities.

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