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How to Make Your Short Business Trip Productive

14 December 2011

Workloads are at an all time high and, like most business men and women, your schedule is very tight. You have meetings, presentations, emails to respond to, requests to action, stats to get your head around and much more. And now, you find yourself locked into a business trip that you can’t really fit in.
There’s no need to stress, you can make your business trip more productive than you realise and avoid falling behind. We have a few tips and tricks to keeping on top of your work while you’re away from the routine of the week to week.

Know your priorities

When you’re away from your desk and routine, it’s very easy to lose track of your deadlines and what’s at the top of your work pile. In the days before your trip, make a list of your most urgent projects or tasks and prioritise them by difficulty and deadline. Depending on the length of your business trip, choose up to three priorities to work on while you’re travelling or when you have some free time.

Stick to the three most urgent projects if you can. If you have too many projects to work on while you’re away from your desk, you will lose track of your tasks. Trying to do too much or excessive multi-tasking will slow you down. You’ll make very little progress on all your projects if you don’t focus, which will discourage you and leave you feeling stressed and unmotivated. So focus on the things you can do in the time you have and make them happen.

Pack well

You will need all your gadgets like your smartphone, e-reader or tablet and laptop as well as all the right chargers. Once you’ve got those essentials try to pack as lightly as you can, taking ironed shirts and some comfortable clothes for the evenings. Try to fit everything you can into a small carry-on bag, even if you’re on a long trip. You can avoid having to check in your luggage on your flight this way.

You can always have your clothes express dry cleaned if you’re concerned you don’t have enough changes of clothes. It’s also a great idea to pack some nutritious and energy rich snacks to munch on in transit or to grab on the go. Having health snacks on hand will stop you from impulse junk food snacking, which always leaves you feeling sluggish and guilty at the end of a busy day.

Choose great accommodation

You should always try to book reliable, quality accommodation. Serviced apartments will take the hard work out of a business trip. Serviced apartments are conveniently positioned in the CBD, which makes travelling to the office and meeting clients quick and easy. If you have an hour or two in between meetings, don’t let this become dead time. You can always whip back to your apartment to work on your laptop.

Choosing a modern accommodation provider like serviced apartments Sydney or Gold Coast apartments will ensure that you have access to wireless Internet and all the technology you need to work when you want. You will also have plenty of workspace to accommodate your needs.

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