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The Ultimate Tips For Packing Light

The Ultimate Tips For Packing Light

1 July 2014

With no luggage to check-in and collect you spend less time waiting around and more time getting to where you want to be. If you struggle to pack light enough to only bring carry-on luggage when you travel take note of these tips from packing light experts:
1. Purchase crinkle-free and no-iron business shirts. Invest in quality shirts from reputable designers as some shirts of this variety aren’t created equal.

2. Don’t pack your suit jacket. Instead wear it or carry it with you and once you’re on the flight you can have it stored away hanging up or it can be gently placed on top of your overhead luggage.

3. Only bring one pair of shoes. The shoes you are wearing on the flight should be the only pair of shoes you bring with you. They need to be comfortable, as well as suitable for meetings and dinner and drinks.

4. Have certain business items sent ahead of time. If you have stacks of brochures and other items relating to your business trip, have them sent ahead of time to your hotel so they don’t take up space in your carry-on luggage.

Be smart about the way you pack and you’ll never have to waste time at a luggage carousel again!

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