Top 5 Ways to Have a Comfortable Business Trip

Friday October 7th, 2011

For business travellers, comfort and convenience are the highest priorities when it comes to stay overs away from home. Here are the top 5 ways to have a comfortable business trip.
1. Plan ahead

There’s nothing worse than having to rush around organising accommodation and car rentals when you’re on the ground in a city you’re not familiar with. You can book all the services you need online in a single lunch break. Put together an itinerary for yourself to help you keep on track while you’re travelling.

It helps to have some trusted providers as your go to places when it comes to booking. Providers that have easy to use websites and responsive staff are always the best ones to go back to, as you know they will take care of you.

Also remember to keep your records like flights, accommodation, car hire details, addresses and phone numbers organised and all in one place! This will save you time and stress! Failing to plan ahead can leave you feeling stranded and will cause unnecessary stress. A well organised trip will take a lot off your mind so you can focus on doing your job well.

2. Choose serviced apartments for your accommodation

If you’re travelling to the city but don’t have the budget to rent a luxury hotel room,Serviced apartments Sydney are a great option. You don’t have to cut back on your comfort with serviced apartments, in fact you can expect to have a large, well appointed room with all the facilities you need.

3. Use your room to get things done:

If you stay in a modern serviced apartment you can save yourself time by get work done while in your room. Wireless Internet access allows you to fire off emails and access your online backed up documents quickly and easily. You’ll only have to leave your room for your meetings or for a bite to eat.

4. Choice healthy meal options

Being away from home or the familiarity of routine can disrupt many of your habit, especially when it come to meal times. Lunch meetings with rich meals and fast food on the run can quickly make you feel run down. It’s important that you make sure that you keep some fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet.

In a serviced apartment, you can buy your own groceries and prepare healthy meals for yourself. You could also put some cut up vegetables in a snap lock bag and keep them in your bag or briefcase for snacks on the go.

5. Schedule in some down time

A busy day of meetings with work squeezed into every available minute can quickly take its toll on your body. If you’re not careful you can easily burn yourself out with the added stress of being in an unfamiliar city. Taking a few hours to rest or exercise at the end of the day can help you to sleep better and wake up refreshed and ready the following day!

If you’re staying somewhere like the Gold Coast apartments, you might like to go for a long beach walk at the end of the day. Or you could put your feet up and watch your favourite programmes with a meal. Pack some comfy clothes and make a deal with yourself not to touch your work once you’ve taken off your suit.

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