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Tourist Transport Hubs In Sydney

14 September 2012

Regardless of the time of year, Sydney always has a huge amount of tourists coming and going, providing quite a challenge for the local transit system; after all, being a city of more than 4 million people, Sydney has a lot of locals to worry about getting around too. A few main hubs tend to deal with the bulk of the tourist traffic, and for the most part they do an amazing job, with the following places among the busiest tourist transit hubs in Sydney.
Sydney Airport

One of the busiest of Sydney’s tourist transport hubs is of course Sydney Airport, and between the Domestic and the International terminals, these hubs see thousands of visitors on a daily basis. Both terminals are now connected to the city rail system, making it extremely easy to get to almost any part of Sydney straight from the airport. There are also a huge amount of buses and taxis, and many Sydney hotels even have their own shuttle services.

Central Station

One of Sydney’s older and more beautiful tourist transit hubs, Central Station is a major stop used by inner-city commuters, as well as where some of the country’s most famous long-distance tourist trains set out for destinations all over the country. Housed in a graceful old building with extremely high ceilings, this busy hub is worth a visit whether you need to go anywhere or not, and if you are a tourist looking for a special journey to take, get on the Indian Pacific at Central and ride the train all the way to the West coast!

Circular Quay

Hands down the most spectacular of Sydney’s tourist transit hubs, Circular Quay is most famous as a ferry transportation hub, and where you can catch a ferry to Balmain, Manly or even just tour around the harbour. Circular Quay has its own train station, and is also a major hub for buses coming from all over the city, and regardless of the time or the day of the year, this place is always busy with locals and tourists alike.

Town Hall

Located right in the heart of Sydney’s Central Business District on one of the city’s busiest arteries, George Street, is the beautiful Town Hall building, and every tourist to Sydney will likely come through this area at least a few times on their trip. The train station at Town Hall is also among the busiest in Sydney, and you can catch a bus from there to just about anywhere.

Kings Cross

Sydney’s red light district is also home to a lot of budget short term accommodation, meaning the trains and buses running through here are always packed with backpackers, tourists and travellers of every stripe. Whether they are staying in the Cross or not, most visitors to Sydney hear about this infamous part of town at some point and come by for a visit. With its own train station, lots of buses passing through the area, and an almost constant stream of taxis, Kings Cross is easily among the busier tourist travel hubs.

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