Travelling With Children to a Large Event

Saturday April 14th, 2012

Taking your family out to an event can be a fantastic way to have a fun day together. However, if you have small children, a fun day out requires a great deal of organisation. If kids don’t have what they want or need, they are well and truly capable of turning a nice day out into a full-scale nightmare, so do your best to stack the odds in your favour and get organised. The following are some of the essential elements that you’ll need to have covered.

Most large events will have their own food vendors, but these are usually quite expensive and can end up costing you a fortune — not to mention they often involve standing in very long line-ups. Taking your own food is the best move, because not only will you save money, but you’ll also be able to bring healthier food options, and ones that you know your kids will like. If you’ve come from out of town and will be staying in short term accommodation, look for hotels in Sydney with kitchenettes or cooking facilities, so you have a space to prepare your food before heading out to the event.


Every parent’s needs are different, so whether you need nappies, books, crayons, or medication, have a checklist and make sure everything gets packed. Multiple changes of clothes will probably be necessary if the weather is uncertain, or if you think you may need to change your little one throughout the day.

Sun protection

Having adequate sun protection is crucial if you’re going to take your children out anywhere, so make sure your children have sunscreen, a hat, and even sunglasses. Cover them up with light long sleeve tops and bottoms to further reduce the chances of them being burnt.

Staying close

Some large events can have tens of thousands of people at them, so ensuring you and your child stay together is important. Many parents use leashes to keep a hold on their young children, though just holding hands and being vigilant will usually suffice. If you have more than one child, teach them to stay together and to look out for each other, as if you lose all of them they’ll be easier to find this way. It’s also a good idea to talk to your kids about what to do if they get separated from you somehow. Depending on their ages, it can even be a good idea to give one of them your phone so they can call if need be.

A transit plan

Travelling with kids is always a bit of an adventure, especially when they are excited or tired, so make sure you have your travel plan established for getting to and from the event, whether it involves your car, getting a ride with someone else, or public transport. Knowing bus or train times in advance, or where the best place is to park, can help prevent the mood in your group from turning sour. The smoother the transit to and from the event, the better chance you have of everyone returning home happy.

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