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Understanding the Fine Print in the Travel Insurance Policy

12 October 2013

Obtaining the right travel insurance policy can be a complicated matter. A survey conducted by consumer watchdog group Choice found that only 30% of Australians will review and understand the verbiage in their policy. This is due, at least in part, to the fact that travel insurance policies are notoriously difficult to decipher.
When it comes to sorting out the specifics of a travel insurance policy, the time investment alone required to review the finer points can easily climb to three or four hours of searching, reading, comparing and compromising. The alternatives are to either travel uninsured or quite possibly be insured but not covered in the event something does happen.

Alan Kirkland currently serves as Choice’s chief executive and pinpointed four specific areas of a travel insurance policy to which consumers should pay attention: General Exclusions, Policy Cover, Pre-Existing Conditions (of particular importance to pregnant women and older travellers) and the Word definition Table.

Reviewing these sections ahead of time will help travellers to ensure their claims are paid or that they are amongst the 30% of the disputes that are resolved in the insured’s favour.


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