What Should You Wear When Flying for a Business Trip?

What Should You Wear When Flying for a Business Trip?

Thursday May 22nd, 2014

Some people think if you’re travelling business class then you should look the part, while others argue that shelling out the extra money should entitle you to wear whatever you want. Business travel experts shared their views:
Comfortable and clever

Of course, if you’re going straight from the airport to your business meeting or event then you’ll need to think of something comfortable that won’t become crushed or look dishevelled after a few hours in the air.

Business travel expert and editor of Australian Business Traveller, David Flynn, said that he usually opts for light cotton chinos, a non-iron and crease resistant cotton shirt and slip on shoes he can take off as soon as he’s taken his seat. And if you’re taking a suit jacket for the meeting, Flynn recommends wearing it instead of packing it. It will look sharp in the lounge, he said, and also keep it from becoming scrunched. If you choose to put it in the overhead locker then place it on top of your bag to keep it safe from other people’s luggage.

Meet the minimum dress code

Did you know that there is a minimum dress code for boarding a flight, regardless of what class you’re in? High Flyer asked a variety of popular aircraft carriers what their dress code was and both Qantas and Virgin said some form of footwear and no offensive slogans on t-shirts are the essentials. A minimum of shorts and singlets are also required for the Australian carriers, so no swim wear please! It sounds simple enough, but Virgin warned that “If you do not meet our minimum dress requirements, you will be denied travel until you are dressed appropriately.” However, international airlines British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and Emirates Airlines were more lax, without any formal dress codes in place.

Writer Lee Tulloch warns passengers away from the flannelette pyjamas or hot pants teamed with six inch heels that she’s witnessed, but also admitted that dressing too formally can be uncomfortable, so skip the pantyhose and full makeup. Instead, Tulloch said to go for dark colours in case you spill something during turbulence, slip on shoes to breeze through security checkpoints, a tailored jacket (for both men and women) that you can hang up and put back on crease-free, and a cashmere wrap that can be utilised as a cover-up, pillow or blanket!

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