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What’s On In Sydney – Blackmore’s Sydney Running Festival

What’s On In Sydney – Blackmore’s Sydney Running Festival

25 September 2015

Once again, the Blackmore’s Sydney Running Festival is on for 2015. The festival will be running on Sunday 20th September for people of all ages and abilities. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned athlete who runs every day or someone who is just starting out in the running field, you can still participate in this iconic event.

Each year, the Blackmore’s Sydney Running festival attracts around 33,000 people. The Running Festival is made up of four different events; Blackmore’s Sydney Marathon, Blackmore’s Half Marathon, Blackmore’s Bridge Run, and Medibank Family Fun Run. The two longest distance events will finish at the Sydney Opera House, and the other two shorter events will complete at Sydney’s Conservatorium of Music.

Blackmore’s Sydney Marathon is 42.195km in total, starting at a fresh and early 7:30am. The start is at Bradfield Park in Milson’s Point, travelling over the main deck of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and finishing at the one and only Sydney Opera House. As with all marathons, drink stations are located along the course of the marathon to help participants along the way. Prize money for participants is also on the cards, with prizes for those who achieve 6th place or better.

The 21km half marathon runs before the full marathon, seeing a starting time at 6:15am. With a similar route to the full marathon, this event will also be completed once participants reach the Sydney Opera House. Water, IsoWhey, elite drinks and toilets will be scattered along the route to ensure your safety and comfort during the race.

If you’re looking for an event that’s a little easier to complete or you may be just starting on the path to fitness and running, the Blackmore’s Bridge Run may be to your taste. This event runs for approximately 9 km, and is an achievable challenge for even the earliest beginner. Starting at 9:00am, the Bridge Run will take you through all of the most scenic areas of Sydney, and is completed once participants reach the Royal Botanic Gardens. Water stations are located along the route, and people of all ages are welcome to run in this event.

The Medibank Family Fun Run runs the course of 3.5km and is open to all participants, with no age restrictions. It doesn’t matter if you want to run the whole way or simply walk, this is the perfect event for the whole family to enjoy. You can walk the distance with the kids and enjoy passing the finish line at the Royal Botanic Gardens. Although there are no drink stations along this particular route, there will be water available to everyone at the conclusion of the race. Because of this, participants are encouraged to bring their own water bottle for the race. Whether you’re running or strolling, you’ll be able to take the chance to cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge during the duration of the race, an experience that will be remembered by all.


To enter any of the events, there is an entry fee that is to be paid by each participant. However, a great way to run in a marathon or event and do it for free is to raise the funds. If you decide that you want to run or participate in one of the Blackmore’s Sydney Running Festival events on behalf of a charity and want to raise some much needed funds for a cause of your choice, if you raise your fundraising goal prior to the event then you can enter for free. This option is also available to those participation in the Running Festival as a team. You can fundraise as a team in order to run/participate for free. Over the years, the BSRF has managed to help raise over $14 million dollars for various charities, and the event is hoping to continue with this strong amount in the years to come.

The BSRF is so popular that it has attracted many local and international athletes competing in such a landmark event. As a result, in 2013 the International Association of Athletics Federation honored the Sydney Marathon with a Silver Label, which quickly turned to a Gold Label in the following year.

This year, the official event ambassador is the former Miss Universe Australia model and TV personality, Jesinta Campbell. Jesinta has said how excited she is to participate in the race and run over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. As an avid advocate for healthy living and fitness, she is planning on celebrating crossing the finish line by spending time with other participants in the Royal Botanic Gardens in the Blackmore’s Sydney Running Festival Recovery Village. Here, there will be free entertainment, free yoga sessions, and free massages for participants to help them recover from the race.

So no matter what age you are, what fitness level you are at or how you think you’ll manage getting through one of the events, there is something for literally everyone. Even those who wish to participate with young children have the option to do so. Added to this, you can help raise money for official charities and save yourself the entry fee, all while running across the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge – who can resist?!

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