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How Far in Advance Should I Book My Holiday?

14 June 2012

There are many different styles when it comes to holiday planning and the way to do it properly, but your best way is to do whatever is going to suit you. Often, places won’t even take bookings too far in advance, though if they do, and if it is something that will be crucial to your holiday, booking early can be a smart move. The following is a brief look at how far in advance to book your holiday.
It depends on how fussy you are

If you don’t mind what type of holiday you will have, you can perhaps even get away with not booking at all. However, if you have any preferences, booking early is a must. For those who are travelling with families, pets, or even just big groups of people, failing to book early can ruin the entire trip, so booking those serviced apartments or group accommodation early is essential.

When are you travelling?

Travelling off season may mean you don’t have to book your holiday in advance at all, but if you are planning on hitting some of the popular spots in peak season, or on a significant date like Valentine’s Day, book as early as you possibly can. Everyone wants to come when the conditions are perfect or on days that mean a lot, though some really popular locations require bookings more than a year in advance.

If it will make you feel better

Some people get extremely stressed out by holiday planning, so if booking everything six months ahead will make you feel less stressed out, then that is what you should do. For many things, you can’t book too early, but if you don’t mind having to pay any possible fees relating to changes you might need to make, booking everything far in advance can provide a lot of peace of mind.

Wait until you know what you’re doing

If you are not 100 per cent certain of where you want to go for your holidays, don’t book anything yet, because if your plans change you may not always be able to get all of your deposit back. Save yourself some hassle and wait until you and your gang have the details ironed out.

Book some, not all

Some main elements of your holiday are easy to decide on, and should be booked early to get the best price, though other elements don’t need to be decided on very far in advance, if at all. It can feel pretty constricting if everything down to pee breaks has been organised in advance, so just pre-book those big things like flights and accommodation early, and leave a bit of flexibility to work out other details as you go.

Don’t let holiday planning stress you out, and even if you are too late booking something and it is now sold out, put your name on the waiting list if they have one, because people do cancel. We all have our own elements of a holiday that we simply could not live without, so make sure you’ll have at least all of your essentials covered.

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