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Terms & Conditions of the Eminence Member Discount Program

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully as they incorporate the basis of the Eminence Member Discount Program. The effective date of these Terms and Conditions is Monday 4 April 2022.

  • Enrolment in the Eminence Member Discount Program can be made online by visiting www.meritonsuites.com.au/eminence and selecting the JOIN NOW button.
  • Membership in the Eminence Member Discount Program is open to individuals aged 18 years or above.
  • Enrolment requires you to fully and accurately complete the online form and submit it to Meriton Suites. Incomplete or duplicate enrolments will not be processed with incomplete or duplicate enrolment data discarded without notice to the applicant.
  • Only one name per enrolment can be accepted. Memberships can not be registered in joint names, spouse names, business names, or initials.
  • Each registration requires a unique email address. The same email address cannot be used for multiple enrolments.
  • All enrolments will be processed automatically, with successful applications receiving an email receipt with membership details. Meriton Suites reserves the right to accept or reject an enrolment at its sole discretion without assigning any reason.
  • In line with our Privacy Policy, Meriton Suites collects your information on your enrolment and securely stores it as part of your subscription to receive Eminence discounts and offers.
  • Enrolment confirms your permission to receive emails from Meriton Suites about your Eminence membership. You may unsubscribe by selecting “Unsubscribe” at the footer of an email received. However, if you wish to unsubscribe, this indicates that you no longer want to be a member of the program and your membership will automatically be cancelled. You will have the option to reapply and subscribe again if you change your mind at any time.
  • An individual becomes a member of the Eminence Member Discount Program when allocated a unique Member ID.
  • A digital version of a membership card will be sent via email to the email address provided in the enrolment, allowing members to download their card to their mobile device to keep a record of the allocated Member ID.
    • Digital Membership Cards are compatible on iOS devices with the Apple Wallet function or compatible Android devices with the Google Pay app installed. The Digital Card may also be eligible to be stored on other third-party apps that your device may suggest.
    • Meriton Suites does not provide Eminence Members with a mobile device or provide advice, training, support, repairs or other services about your mobile device.

Please note: The Eminence Member Discount Program is designed for the use of individuals only and is not a loyalty program designed for companies or businesses. For our business loyalty program, please see Elevate Direct 2.0

  • Members will receive a booking link labelled Member-Only Booking Page that gives access to Eminence rates. It is strongly advised that members bookmark the Member-Only Booking Page to their browser or device to have easy access to your Eminence rates on the go! The email will be automatically delivered to the email address provided in the enrolment form upon joining.
  • To make an Eminence booking, members must visit the Member-Only Booking Page and then follow the booking prompts once selecting their desired destination and arrival and departure date. Meriton Suites Terms & Conditions apply to any bookings made.
  • The Eminence rates can not be applied to past or existing bookings where the member has not made a booking using the Eminence rates.
  • Members can request to have the Member-Only Booking Page link resent their registered email address at any time by visiting www.meritonsuites.com.au/eminence/member-portal
  • A member must remain subscribed to access Eminence special offers and discounts.
  • A member MUST produce their digital membership card upon arrival to the hotel to verify their membership. Failure to provide the digital membership card at check-in may result in the Eminence discount being removed from the reservation.
  • The discount that is offered may vary from time to time.
  • Membership is for individual use only and cannot be applied to multiple rooms or bookings over the same dates.
  • Special offers and discounts shared by the Eminence Member Discount Program cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, including (but not limited to) negotiated corporate or group rates or any other offer or discount such as sales or other reservation code issued by Meriton Suites.
  • The use of the Eminence Member Discount Program may not be available from time to time when we undergo scheduled maintenance on our brand website.
  • Meriton Suites reserves the right to terminate any membership in the Eminence Member Discount Program at its sole and absolute discretion without assigning any reason.
  • The Eminence Member Discount Program and all related discounts or offers are subject to modification or cancellation at the discretion of Meriton Suites, with or without notice.
  • Activity statements or stay history details are not provided as part of the Eminence Member Discount Program.

Meriton Suites is owned & operated by Meriton Property Services Pty Ltd (69 115 511 281) and is part of the Meriton Group © Copyright Meriton Suites

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