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Luggage for the Corporate Traveller

22 July 2012

Any time you go travelling, it is important to have the right kind of luggage with you, but especially if you do a lot of travel as part of your work or business. The right luggage can make an enormous difference, and the following luggage is perfect for the corporate traveller.
Garment bags for your trip

Most corporate travellers find themselves having to attend a lot of meetings, often soon after getting off a plane. This makes it crucial that they have a way to keep their clothing always crisp, sharp and ready to go. If you would rather not have to spend so much time ironing your clothes on your next business trip, get yourself a decent garment bag. Apart from being lightweight and water resistant, most garment bags are also small enough to be carried on the plane. If you have a meeting shortly after arriving from a long flight, you will be able to change on the flight, drop your bag at your hotel or serviced apartments, and go straight to your meeting looking fresh, sharp and professional.

Checkpoint-friendly laptop cases

Considering how often businesspeople have to pass through a checkpoint or airport security, anything that will save even a little extra time can make life a whole lot easier. Checkpoint-friendly laptop cases are a great way to save time, as they are designed to allow a full and unimpeded scan of your laptop without having to remove your laptop from the case. Over the course of the year, this clever piece of corporate luggage can end up saving you countless hours.

The Heys BioCase

For those corporate travellers carrying extremely valuable items or documents, the Heys USA BioCase provides the ultimate in corporate luggage security. This amazing system uses finger scanning instead of a key or PIN code locking system, making it all but impossible for anyone to be able to steal your case from you without knowing. This intelligent security design even allows you to have several sets of fingerprints recognised if you need to have more than one person access the case. For a fully secure case that will be safe on the plane, the bus, at your corporate housing or elsewhere, the BioCase is an incredible piece of luggage.

Carry-on luggage

If you do a lot of travel, as most corporate people do, it is important to have the right carry-on luggage, as you will often be on lengthy flights and need to be able to take advantage of the time to get some work done too. To find the perfect carry-on item to suit your needs, make a list of everything you want or need to have on board with you throughout your flights, and choose a piece of luggage that can accommodate everything on your list. For most corporate travellers, their carry-on luggage will usually become their new best friend.

Today’s businesspeople travel more than ever before, making their luggage an important part of getting their business done. If you do a lot of travel with your job and feel like your luggage is anything less than awesome, make your life a whole lot easier and get yourself some better luggage.

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