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Quirky Restaurants Around Brisbane

30 November 2012

Brisbane has come a long way in the last couple of decades, transforming itself from essentially a large country town into one of Australia’s most hip and modern cities. One of the main areas where you can see the transformation is in the hospitality industry, which now showcases swanky new Brisbane hotels, stunningly revamped serviced apartments, and no shortage of delicious, creative and even quirky places to get a bite to eat. The following is a brief look at some of the quirkiest restaurants in the newly transformed metropolis of Brisbane.

If you haven’t heard about ‘Nitrogen cooking’ yet, head to Alchemy to find out for yourself, as this creative restaurant is the only one in Brisbane currently rocking the ‘freeze cooked’ method. Apart from the quirky use of nitrogen, Alchemy has become known as one of the most all-round impressive places to eat in the entire city, with Chef Brad Jolly widely regarded as one of the best chefs working in Australia. Don’t be fooled by Alchemy’s quirky reputation, because you are guaranteed nothing short of an incredible experience here.


While some would consider a restaurant based on ‘bush food’ a little quirky, anyone who has been lucky enough to eat here knows that it is simply fantastic. Themed around the idea of Australian ‘bush tucker’, Tukka provides an extensive menu of Australian wild meat, including crocodile, kangaroo, wombat, emu, possum and wild boar, and by using native plants, herbs, nuts and spices, the end result is some of the most delicious food you will have ever tasted.

Garuva Hidden Tranquillity Restaurant

While it may not be the easiest restaurant in Brisbane to find, it is well worth the effort to track down this unique place. The food is a wonderful mix of Asian and Middle Eastern, and there is a cute bar area where you can enjoy a cocktail before or after dinner while listening to some of the fantastic live music performances.

The dinner seating is booth style, helping to add to your privacy, and the decorations make this place unlike any you have seen before. For a value-for-money restaurant that offers delicious food and a quirky vibe, the Garuva Hidden Tranquillity Restaurant is well worth a visit.

Groucho’s Theatre Restaurant

Specialising in song, dance, comedy and tasty food, this restaurant is just the place for those looking for a healthy dose of entertainment with their dinner, and the loud, brash style provides the perfect atmosphere for a fun family dining experience.

The Cloak and Dagger Restaurant

If you are looking for some great food and it’s been too long since you’ve heard a heavy Scottish accent, the Cloak and Dagger is a unique and quirky Brisbane gem well worth a visit or two.

With the restaurant scene absolutely booming in Brisbane these days, no visit to this city is complete without checking out at least one new restaurant, so don’t just eat at that one same place every time you come — instead, try out a few of the more different, creative and quirky Brisbane restaurants.

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