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2024 Must-Run Marathons in Australia

2024 Must-Run Marathons in Australia

25 May 2024

Known for breathtaking natural vistas, vibrant cities, and a lively culture of sports and fitness, Australia is teeming with opportunities for explorers of all kinds. For fitness enthusiasts, casual runners and seasoned marathoners, Australia offers a whole host of marathons to participate in, with some even offering a commemorative medal. Combining the thrill of the race and the opportunity to experience scenic beauty or historic landmarks, marathons such as City2Surf even cater to walkers, making them inclusive for fitness levels of all kinds. 

Regardless of your experience level, these events provide an excellent way to keep fit and explore some stunning routes from Sydney to the Gold Coast. Better yet, while travelling through these serene sights, runners and walkers can enjoy the positive health and well-being benefits that marathons have been proven to provide.

Tips for before and during your marathon

Running a marathon requires being at your best on race day and involves a fair amount of preparation. In the months or weeks leading up to the race, you should not only do some endurance training but also pack some essentials and keep a few key points in mind. 

Follow these tips for optimal preparation:

  • Structured Training Program: Follow a tailored training plan that matches your fitness level—this is usually best done with a personal trainer’s help so they can customise your program to your needs and goals. Meriton Suites’ accommodation is fully equipped with cardio and weight training gym facilities that are perfect for maintaining your pre-marathon regime. 
  • Balanced Diet: Incorporate a nutrient-rich diet to fuel your body effectively. Make sure you stock up on fibre with a larger meal the night before, full of energy to start your day before the marathon. 
  • Hydration: Stay well-hydrated throughout your training and the days leading up to the event. This will help reduce the strain on your muscles overall. 
  • Rest: Ensure you get ample rest and quality sleep to allow your body to recover from training and get you started for marathon day. 
  • Route Familiarisation: Familiarise yourself with the race route and conditions. Having at least some sense of where you’re going can help if you get turned around. Keep in mind that many marathons will have volunteers there to help guide you and provide assistance as well. 
  • Travel and Accommodation: It’s highly recommended that you book your accommodation well in advance of the marathon itself. Ideally, look for hotels close to the starting line or near public transport for added convenience and to minimise travel time. 

Taking these steps lets you approach the starting line confidently and excitedly, ensuring you’re ready for the journey ahead. 

Brisbane Marathon – 2 June 2024

One of the most iconic events in Queensland, the Brisbane Marathon route takes runners through the heart of Brisbane with memorable landmarks and natural beauty found all along the trail. Runners will surely enjoy the scenic course that starts on Margaret Street and finishes at the City Botanic Gardens, painting a serene and picturesque location perfect for pre-race preparation and some post-race relaxation. The Brisbane Marathon even offers half marathon and mini marathon options for those wanting to participate with less intensity. 

Best Place to Stay

Located along the banks of the Brisbane River, Meriton Suites Adelaide Street sits conveniently 1.5 km from Margaret Street, the starting line of the Brisbane Marathon. Prepare for your race with our fully furnished fitness centre, complete with cardio equipment and weight machines, or take some time to relax and recuperate after a long day with the indoor pool, spa, or rejuvenating sauna facilities. 

Gold Coast Marathon – 7 July 2024

Celebrated for its flat, fast and scenic coastal route, the Gold Coast Marathon is a must-run that sits high on most runners’ lists. Attracting participants from around the globe, this marathon festival draws people with its promise of ideal running conditions and the stunning natural views of the Gold Coast’s breathtaking beaches. The Gold Coast Marathon also offers a range of courses for everyone to partake in—whether you’re a casual runner wanting to enjoy a 5 km jaunt or join the full 42 km route, there are plenty of scenic marathon courses to choose from. 

Starting just outside the southern end of Southport Broadwater Parklands, the route takes runners across the Sundale Bridge and along scenic areas such as the Marine Parade, finishing finally at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre in Southport. This well-planned course undoubtedly showcases some of the best sights the Gold Coast has to offer.

Best Place to Stay

Meriton Suites Southport combines convenience and luxury with spectacular views, excellent amenities and close proximity to the marathon’s starting line. You’ll be perfectly positioned to enjoy a good night’s rest before you take off for some blood-pumping sightseeing in the morning.

City2Surf – 11 August 2024

Sydney’s most famous and the World’s largest fun run is the City2Surf. Its 14 km course starts from the city centre and finishes in beautiful Bondi Beach. Known for its lively atmosphere, the City2Surf is perfect for everyone from competitive runners to casual participants. 

Best Place to Stay

Meriton Suites Pitt Street is located conveniently near the City2Surf’s starting line at Hyde Park Sydney, although for those wanting to be closer to where this marathon finishes, Meriton Suites Bondi Junction sits just a short distance from Bondi Beach. Both provide guests with all the pre-race amenities and post-race facilities you could ask for, which are incredibly beneficial for post-marathon recovery.

Sydney Marathon – 15 September 2024

Crossing the renowned Sydney Harbour Bridge and finishing at the equally well-known Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Marathon showcases some of Sydney’s most famous landmarks. With a challenging yet rewarding route, this race is not for the faint of heart and is a candidate race for the Abbott World Marathon Majors (AbbottWMM). 

Best Place to Stay

For a convenient and luxurious stay, choose Meriton Suites North Sydney. A mere 1.4 km from the start line, our spacious suites offer stunning harbour views and a convenient location in the heart of North Sydney, providing easy access to the race. 

Tips for after your marathon

Recovery is just as important as preparation. To ensure healthy recuperation, follow these tips for a smooth rest period: 

  • Cool Down: Take time to cool down and stretch to prevent muscle stiffness. This important step is as necessary as drinking water, as your muscles need time to wind down. 
  • Hydration and Nutrition: Rehydrate and refuel with nutritious food to aid muscle recovery. Avoid drinking too much water too soon or filling up too fast on your next meal. Moderation is key. 
  • Light Activity: The following day, consider a gentle walk or light activity to promote circulation and allow your muscles and ligaments to repair themselves naturally after the strains of a marathon. This is the perfect time for some joyful sightseeing in the areas surrounding your accommodation. 
  • Relaxation: Enjoy local attractions and some well-deserved relaxation. Alternatively, some time spent at your Meriton Suites’ spa or sauna is a fantastic way to unwind and rest after a long marathon. 
  • Comfortable Accommodation: Choosing a welcoming and serene place to stay is as important as any other part of your post-marathon recovery. Staying at Meriton Suites provides the perfect environment to unwind and rejuvenate.

These steps will help you maximise your marathon experience, ensuring you leave with lasting memories and a sense of achievement.

Experience Australia’s Premier Marathons

Blending the excitement of racing and community celebration, Australia’s 2024 marathons are ideal for runners of all experience levels. They bring together runners of all levels, from elite athletes to first-time participants, each with their own story and motivation. 

Choose Meriton Suites to enhance your marathon experience for a comfortable and convenient stay. Combine fitness, fun and travel with Australia’s top marathon events this year.

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