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It’s Whale Watching Season on the Gold Coast

It’s Whale Watching Season on the Gold Coast

29 April 2022

The Gold Coast might be famous for its long sandy beaches and surfing spots, yet did you know that Australia’s favourite playground is also very well known for what lies beneath the surface of its picturesque coastal waters?

Each year between the end of April until early November, the eastern coast of Australia becomes a high-traffic highway for migrating humpback whales. COVID-19 might’ve kept some of us humans from travelling to warmer waters, but the pandemic hasn’t stopped humpback whales from continuing their annual globe-trotting journey that makes sightings of these majestic creatures on the Gold Coast a common occurrence.

To see whales in their natural habitat is a must-see activity if you’re ever visiting the Gold Coast. Here is a list of tour providers who you can book to have the once in a lifetime experience:

Sea World Cruises Whale Watching

Departing from Sea World on the Gold Coast, this is one of Australia’s premier whale watching experiences. Their marine experts will take you aboard one of Australia’s newest and luxurious whale watching vessels named the Spirit of Migaloo II so you can spy on the world’s largest animals from 3 spacious viewing platforms with a spectacular backdrop of the Surfers Paradise skyline.

During the 2.5 hour cruise, you will learn more about these fascinating marine creatures by being able to listen to their unique whale songs live with an underwater microphone attached to the boat.

Whales in Paradise

Whales in Paradise are the original Gold Coast Whale Watching company and the only whale watch operation that have their cruise depart from Surfers Paradise.

The crew have a combined whale watch experience of over 15 years and are dedicated to providing their guests the closest Gold Coast Whale Watching encounter possible.

The vessels are purpose-built and specifically selected for whale watching. They are modern, large and spacious with Whale and Dolphin friendly design features. This provides guests with the ultimate uncrowded Gold Coast Whale Watching experience.

Spirit of Gold Coast Whale Watching

Spirit of Gold Coast is a family-run company with a passion for Humpback Whales. As one of the pioneers of Whale Watching on the East Coast of Australia, they aim to make your whale watching cruise a truly memorable experience.

Each cruise also has a Marine Biologist on board who will provide a detailed commentary during the journey and answer the many questions visitors have about the whale migration.

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