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The Best Morning Walks in Sydney

The Best Morning Walks in Sydney

18 January 2024

When it comes to starting your day, there’s no better way to put a spring in your step than with a brisk morning walk. Sydney boasts some of the most beautiful strolls, with stunning views of gardens, harbours, and more. 

Browse our curated list of the best morning walks in Sydney, with most routes just a short stroll from various Meriton Suites Sydney CBD apartment-style accommodations. 

Royal Botanic Gardens – A Scenic Route for Your Morning Walk Routine

Just a two-kilometre walk from our Meriton Suites Kent Street accommodations, the Royal Botanic Gardens are not only one of the oldest public gardens in the Southern Hemisphere but also a fantastic place to enhance your mental health by including a regular morning walk routine. Divided into four precincts and filled with gorgeous flora, the park covers a massive 30 hectares, so there’s plenty of room for you to roam.

The Royal Botanic Gardens also offers a collection of self-guided or tour-led walks. With various activities such as Aboriginal Heritage Tours, and venues such as the Maiden Theatre for performances, there’s an abundance of entertainment to discover along with the pristine scenery. Incorporating these walks into your daily exercise routine is an excellent way to improve your overall mental and physical well-being.

Barangaroo Reserve – One Gorgeous Pathway to Health Benefits

One of Sydney’s newest developments, Barangaroo Reserve is a stunning urban renewal project. Located on Sydney CBD’s western waterfront, it offers an abundance of dining and retail opportunities. The reserve also contains amazing views, walking trails and picnic spots with over 75,000 native planted trees, ferns and other flora. 

Walking at Barangaroo Reserve can be an effective aerobic exercise. Regular morning walks can reduce high blood pressure and help you to lose weight, effectively improving your overall physical health and well-being. The Wulugul Walk is the main track and with a scenic route and easy access–it comes highly recommended for those seeking casual health benefits from morning walking. Just make sure to watch for cyclists, as it is a shared walkway. 

Centennial Parklands – A Refreshing Walk to Start Your Day

Located just twenty minutes via public transport from your Meriton Suites Pitt Street accommodations, the Centennial Parklands has been one of Sydney’s favourite parks since 1888. The area includes Centennial Park, Moore Park, and Queens Park, covering a massive 360 hectares and showcasing sporting fields, formal gardens, avenues, ponds, and more. 

Centennial Park offers several walking trails that can be a vital part of a healthy diet and exercise routine, ensuring you start your day with a boost to your brain function.

The Rocks – A Historic Morning Walk with Health Benefits

Begin your morning with a historic stroll through The Rocks, one of Sydney’s most iconic neighbourhoods. Only a 5-10 minute walk from Circular Quay’s train station, the old-world charm of these cobbled streets offers more than just a glimpse into Sydney’s past; it provides a perfect setting for your regular morning walk at a leisurely or brisk pace. 

Wander past Cadmans Cottage, one of Sydney’s oldest surviving residential buildings, and marvel at the ASN Co Building’s stunning Victorian-era architecture, with every step contributing to your exercise routine.

Discover hidden gems and venture through historic laneways like the Suez Canal, each sight offering unique visuals and stories. Alongside reducing high blood pressure and helping to lose weight, a walk through The Rocks immerses you in a rich tapestry of Australian history, making your exercise both enriching and invigorating. 

So, the next time you’re staying at a nearby Meriton Suites location, make sure to add The Rocks to your morning itinerary for a healthy start to your day.

Your Gateway to a Healthier Lifestyle in Sydney

The next time you reserve your suite in Sydney’s CBD, why not start your morning with a brisk stroll to get your blood pumping? With several suites available at Meriton Suites Kent Street, Meriton Suites World Tower, Meriton Suites Campbell Street and more, premium accommodation is just one click away. 

Embrace the benefits of morning walks as a part of your exercise routine and experience the serenity of starting your day in Sydney’s most scenic locations. At Meriton Suites, we’re not just offering a stay—we’re providing an opportunity to surround yourself with luxury and comfort with the added convenience of easily accessible, central locations to enhance your physical and mental well-being. 

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