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The Magic of Christmas in Sydney

The Magic of Christmas in Sydney

15 December 2020

As the holiday season approaches, Sydney comes alive with a spectacular array of Christmas events and markets, turning the city into a canvas of Christmas lights. From the twinkling decorations of the Martin Place Christmas Tree to the festive displays at Darling Harbour,, Christmas is a time of joy and celebration.

The Enchantment of Christmas Trees

In Sydney, the festive season brings a series of beautifully decorated Christmas trees that add a touch of magic to the city’s atmosphere. Each unique in its charm, these trees transform Sydney into a Christmas wonderland.

Martin Place Christmas Tree

The centrepiece of Sydney’s Christmas celebrations—the Martin Place Christmas Tree—is a symbol of festive spirit. Adorned with over 110,000 LED lights, a 3.4-metre star, and 330 specially created glossy baubles, it’s a sight that captures the essence of the holiday season. Adding to its splendour are 800 branches with 15,000 flowers, representing nine kinds of Australian flora such as banksia, waratah, and kangaroo paw. 

Every evening, different choirs sing carols by the tree, creating a harmonious and enchanting atmosphere. The area around the tree also transforms into a kaleidoscope of colours, with decorative lights and stars illuminating the night every 15 minutes from 8 pm to midnight.

Queen Victoria Building’s Majestic Tree

This year, the Queen Victoria Building showcases a Christmas tree inspired by the Australian native Wollemi Pine, symbolising the importance of Aboriginal culture. Created in collaboration with First Nations artists, this unique tree features an interactive art installation by Dr Bronwyn Bancroft, adorned with hand-painted decorations that celebrate human connection with nature. The tree is topped with the renowned Swarovski topper and is part of an immersive experience, including a light show and augmented reality elements, highlighting the importance of preserving rare and ancient species.


The Rocks Christmas Tree

The Rocks area adorns itself with a grand seven-metre-tall Christmas tree, becoming a miniature Christmas village with countless fairy lights and festive markets. The tree, dressed in classic gold, silver, and champagne hues, adds to the charm of the cobbled streets. The surrounding precinct of The Rocks complements the tree with the artwork by Sydney-based artist Nico Nicoson, outdoor cinema, and festive weekend markets, enhancing the entire area’s festive feel.

Customs House Circular Quay Christmas Tree

Outside the heritage-listed Customs House, you can find a Christmas tree featuring classic red and gold hues and a variety of festive ornaments. Its traditional decorations and prime location make it a CBD holiday highlight.

Central Station Christmas Trees

Central Station, the busiest railway station in Australia, hosts a trio of Christmas trees. These trees, varying in size and adorned with tinsels and garlands, offer a festive feel in the bustling location​​.

Other Spectacular Decorations Around Sydney

In Sydney, the festive season is marked by more than just beautiful Christmas trees. From gigantic interactive Christmas bells to light displays and ornate decorations, the city showcases a variety of enchantments that elevate the holiday spirit, inviting everyone to celebrate Christmas in Sydney.


Darling Harbour’s Giant Bauble

Darling Harbour adds to the festive celebration with its gigantic 6-metre-tall Christmas Bauble. Embodying the larger-than-life spirit of Christmas, the giant bauble offers the perfect backdrop for festive selfies and memorable photographs. Visitors are encouraged to capture their moments and share the joy of Christmas at Darling Harbour on social media, contributing to the festive atmosphere​.

Pitt Street Mall’s Canopy of Light

Pitt Street Mall transforms into a Christmas wonderland with its Canopy of Light, a dazzling installation in the heart of the city. As you stroll along the mall, you’re enveloped in a canopy of suspended lights, featuring 80,000 LEDs and ten magnificent two-metre-high stars. This spectacular light installation not only brightens the night but also adds a magical sparkle to your evening, turning a simple walk or shopping trip into an enchanting experience.

Barangaroo Bells

During the festive season, Barangaroo comes alive with the installation of three gigantic interactive Christmas bells. These bells are not just visually striking but also offer an interactive experience with built-in swings. As visitors swing, the bells illuminate and chime harmoniously, creating a mesmerising light and sound show with each ascent. Positioned along Sydney Harbour, they provide a delightful and unique way to engage with the festive environment, lighting up the area and adding to the overall festive charm of Sydney’s harbourside celebrations.

St Mary’s Cathedral Christmas Lights Display 

The Christmas lights display at St Mary’s Cathedral is a cherished holiday tradition in Sydney. From December 14th to December 25th, the Cathedral comes alive with stunning light displays and digital projections that tell stories of peace, love, and goodwill. The festivities begin daily at 5.30pm and run until 10.30pm, featuring light shows, performances by prominent musicians, and the Cathedral’s famous stained-glass windows turning into a kaleidoscope of colours.

Strand Arcade’s Native Flora Inspiration

The Strand Arcade’s Christmas installation pays homage to the beauty of the Australian landscape. This year, it features a stunning display of oversized, blossoming eucalyptus branches that float from the ornate ceiling, with a sculptural gum nut pod adorning the Ground Floor. Each eucalyptus branch, measuring 3.5 metres tall and 9.8 metres long, spans multiple levels of the arcade. These hanging installations are brought to life with cascading lights and are adorned with 10 acrylic green leaves, 6 red budding flowers, and whimsical golden gumnuts. Illuminated with over 3,500 twinkling Christmas lights, this installation is a spectacular blend of Australian history and modern artistry.

Christmas Markets and Events

Sydney’s Christmas markets are a highlight of the festive season, offering a diverse range of holiday goodies, from artisan jewellery to delicious street food. With most markets open up until Christmas Eve, you can enjoy the festive atmosphere and find unique gifts for your loved ones. Here’s a glimpse of some of the best Christmas markets you can explore:

  • The Rocks Christmas Market: Wander through its magical marketplace with fairy-lit cobbled streets, where you can find artisan jewellery and holiday-themed street food. 
  • The Jolly Market near Customs House: Another taste of European charm, offering artisanal delights and unique holiday finds.
  • Paddington Markets: Discover unique Christmas gifts and crafts while strolling through this vibrant market. On December 21st, the market transforms into a special Christmas edition, offering an opportunity for visitors to explore a festive array of stalls and find the perfect holiday treasures. This special event adds an extra touch of holiday spirit to the already charming and bustling market atmosphere 
  • Sydney Made Christmas Market: Celebrate local artisans and their one-of-a-kind creations, perfect for thoughtful gifts.

These markets create a delightful shopping experience, adding to the festive cheer of Sydney during the holiday season. Whether you’re searching for unique gifts, savouring delicious treats, or simply soaking in the joyful atmosphere, Sydney’s Christmas markets offer a wonderful way to embrace the season’s spirit.

Christmas in Sydney blends vibrant lights, stunning decorations, and festive joy. From the iconic Martin Place Christmas Tree to the twinkling lights of Pitt Street Mall, the city offers a festive feast for the eyes and soul. 

Whether it’s exploring the Christmas markets, dining with a view of the harbour, or simply enjoying the festive decorations, Sydney during the Christmas season is truly a wonderland of festive fun and cheer.

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