7 Tips for Fitting it all into a Family Holiday

Saturday January 7th, 2012

Holidays can be hectic. Family holidays are just downright nuts sometimes! You want to meet all family member’s  wants and tastes, while still finding time to actually relax. After choosing your holiday destination, your accommodation selection will be the second most important aspect of your trip.
To get the most out of your family holiday, be sure to select accommodation with great facilities and plenty of space. Renting a modern serviced apartment will give you ample living space, convenience and comfort. Having a homely space to relax in with allow you to pack more into your trip and still feel rested by the time you get home. So when you’re trying to get it all out of your next family holiday, make sure to:

1.   Make it a big one. If you want to fit a lot into a holiday, you will need to have plenty of time for all the activities.

2.   Plan plan plan. In order to make all the activities fit you will need to be organised. Split your days into half or quarter blocks and account for every day. Be sure to slot in rest time, quiet time or “blank” time into a few of those blocks.

3.   Add variety to the itinerary. Make each day different from the one before and you’ll keep the family entertained and having fun. Some days should be full of action and activity while other days should be chilled. You’ll keep balanced and the family will be happy with the mix.

4.   Tire the kids out. Take them to theme parks, the beach, swimming pools or anywhere that they have to run around… Find a shady spot and read a book while they go berserk and have fun. By the time you get back to your serviced apartment they should be exhausted and ready for bed. Spend the night in having a romantic dinner in with your partner while the kids sleep.

5.   Alternate parental responsibilities. You can’t leave the kids on their own, but both of you don’t need to be with at all times. Have at least one day each without the kids. Use your day off of go shopping, or sit on the beach or whatever you please. This “day off” will help you feel recharged from your holiday. You can use apartments Brisbane as your private chill zone while your partner and kids are out.

6.   Explore, learn and get the most out of the city you are visiting by checking out the local museums, libraries and galleries. If you book accommodation in the city, you will be close enough to all the action to walk or quickly commute to all the most vibrant and interesting spots in the city.

7.   Get some good family time. Exploring the city with the family if fun, but if you choose to stay with serviced apartments Brisbane, you will also have the option of quiet nights in with luxury. Cook a meal in your apartment and watch a few DVDs for a relaxing evening together.

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