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Organising Transport for Large Sydney Events

14 November 2012

Sydney puts on some pretty impressive large events that are well worth making the trip to see, but if you do decide to come to Sydney for one of these bigger spectaculars, your transportation will play a vital role in your trip, both in terms of how you get to Sydney and how you get around it when you are here. The following is a brief look at organising transport for coming to a large Sydney event.
Book early

Regardless of the event you are going to or how many people you will be travelling with, if you need to book a rental car, train tickets, bus passes or anything else related to your transportation to the big event, book it as soon as you decide you are going to go. If your big event is in the summer, you are going to need to make your transportation-related bookings far in advance, and if you will need group accommodation for your visit, book that early too.

Keep together

If you want to travel with a big group to check out one of Sydney’s bigger events, it can be a lot more fun if you are able to make the trip together, and a fantastic way to do this is by renting a van or even a small bus to get your whole group there.

The only problem with renting a larger vehicle is finding somewhere to park it, so before you go making any bookings, make sure there will be somewhere at your Sydney accommodation where it will fit. If you’d prefer to catch the bus or train you can sometimes get some pretty impressive deals buying bulk tickets, so be sure you check out all your options.

Know where you are going

Regardless of the event you are coming to see, it is a good idea to do some research before you come so that you know exactly where everything is, because you are far better of finding out anything you need to know before you are in amongst a crowd of thousands of people. Knowing where you are and where you need to get to will make it a significant amount easier to find out the best way to get there, which can often also save you a bit of money in the process.

Research your options

There is nothing worse than paying a small fortune on one mode of transportation only to find out later on that there were far cheaper and better options you didn’t know about. Before you head to Sydney, then, rather than automatically plan to rent a car, learn about all your options — especially the public transportation system. Even if you drive to Sydney from outside of the city somewhere, once you get here you are best to use public transit, because apart from being less stressful than driving in a big city, it will also mean you can have a few drinks if you get the urge.

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