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Planning Your Easter Holiday Adventure

31 March 2012

By the time the Easter holidays roll around, everyone is ready for a break, and even though it’s usually a four- or five-day break, it goes by fast. If you’re hoping to do something more interesting than just watch TV next Easter holidays, make a plan and be ready, as you’ll want to take advantage of every second. Here are some things to consider when planning your Easter holiday adventure.

Regardless of where you go on your Easter holidays, it’s going to be full of people, as this is the first chance most people have had for a decent break since Christmas. Book as early as you can — especially if you’re travelling with a family or have any special needs — because without somewhere to stay, the holiday will be a disaster. Whether you’re looking for hostels in Perth, serviced apartments in Hobart or accommodation in Brisbane, the golden rule is always the same: book early!


Australian roads are notoriously deadly over Easter holidays, so make sure that your travel plans allow you plenty of time to get to and from wherever you plan to go. You don’t want to be rushing or driving without having had enough sleep, so rather than drive many hours straight after work, leave early the next morning instead. It’s far better to have a slightly shorter holiday and live to tell everyone all about it. Even with enough time, places like the Great Ocean Road will be absolutely swarming with people, so if you’re driving, be patient and drive safely. Otherwise, there are often good Easter sales on airfares, so you might be able to get a deal on a domestic flight somewhere. Car rentals regularly get sold out over Easter, so if you need wheels, you’d better book them early as well.

Religious services

Having four or even five days off over Easter provides an awesome opportunity to get away somewhere, though if you’re religious, you’re going to need to know where the nearest Good Friday and Easter Sunday services will be held. It should be easy to find out, and it can be fun going to a different service for a change. Just because you’re taking a well-deserved holiday doesn’t have to mean you’ll be missing any of your religious obligations.


If you and your friends or family are heading off on an Easter adventure, don’t forget the chocolate eggs! Especially if you’re heading off camping or somewhere else remote, you’ll want to have those chocolates in your pack come Easter Sunday, and having eggs for a hunt around your camp can be a fabulous way to have some Easter adventure fun.

Easter is a fantastic time of year to take advantage of the still-decent weather and go on an adventure. As your Easter break approaches, make sure you’re slowly putting together your adventure plan. After all, everyone else will be, and you don’t want to get left behind.

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