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Planning a Trade Show on the Gold Coast

22 June 2013

The Gold Coast, with its fantastic climate and striking views, is a popular base for numerous exhibitions and trade shows throughout the year. There are a few basic considerations to keep in mind, whether you are taking part in a trade show or organising the trade show yourself. Here are some of the things to tick off on your list when planning a trade show on the Gold Coast.
Find Accommodation

One of the first things to do is to find the right accommodation for your team. You can find a range of hotels or apartments on the Gold Coast to suit your budget, whether you are looking to house a group of three or a large team of twenty people. Keep in mind that booking ahead of time rather than at the last minute could allow you to save on accommodation costs, and opting for accommodation close to the venue will reduce commuting time for you and your team.

Settle on Your Expo or Venue

If you are a business looking to exhibit your wares, you can start by researching some of the major expos held on the Gold Coast that are relevant for your industry or products. There are expos for a variety of industries such as camping, landscape, home and lifestyle, food and wine, and much more.

If you are organising a trade expo, you will need to start by finding the right venue. The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre is one of the largest and most popular venues, but there are plenty of other venues to choose from on the Gold Coast.

Inviting Clients, Sponsors, and Vendors

If you have a business that is exhibiting, you should let your clients know ahead of time. Sufficient notice gives clients the chance to book in advance and plan for their attendance.

If you are the organiser of an exhibition, you will want to start soliciting sponsors and vendors well ahead of time. Market your exhibition to any vendor and sponsor relevant to your expo category.

Picking Your Booth or Layout

Businesses exhibiting at trade shows are usually given the chance to pick the location of their stand and the size of their display. Location can have a dramatic impact on how many attendees actually see your trade show display, so ask the organiser for a map before finalising on a stand.

Organisers need to carefully consider the trade show layout to facilitate foot traffic and to give each stand sufficient exposure. The layout map should be included in your exhibitors’ kit to be sent out to prospective exhibitors.

Entertainment and Catering

Depending on the trade show, organisers may need to arrange entertainment and catering or catering facilities. These additions can make your trade show more enjoyable, comfortable, and successful.

Promotional Materials and Informational Handouts

xhibitors need to prepare promotional and informational handouts to prospective clients or attendees. Similarly, organisers need to market the trade show to potential exhibitors with promotional materials and informational handouts. Getting the message about your display or show out there is all-important when it comes to having more people attend the show.

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