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The Australian Floorball Open 2015

The Australian Floorball Open 2015

4 July 2015

The Australian Floorball Open is Australia’s principal, annual national floorball competition. The yearly event is taking place in Runaway Bay, Queensland, and it is set to showcase the very best in men, women and junior floorball teams from all over the country.

What is Floorball?

Floorball is a relatively new sport, but one that has quickly gained traction. Over 50 countries throughout the world now play it. The sport was first developed in the 1970’s in Sweden, and it is mostly played in countries such as Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, where it has been played for the longest.

In recent years the sport has started to grow in other countries such as Australia, United States, Germany, Japan and Malaysia, which has taken the total number of registered players up to 270,000 players worldwide.

Floorball secured full Olympic recognition in 2012, and will be included in the next summer Olympics sport. In Australia, the sport is played indoors on courts generally used to play basketball. This smooth surface results in a game that is lightning fast, and it can be played year round. The game consists of 6 players, one of which is the goalie. Players use lightweight carbon sticks and a whiffle ball. Its relatively light playing equipment and lack of physical contact make it a fast but safe game to play.

What is the Australian Floorball Open?

Every year the best teams in the country come together to participate in Australia’s leading floorball competitions. Men, women, and junior teams from all over the country enter the competition, and fight it out on the court in the hope to leave with top honours.

The Australian Floorball Open will be played in Queensland this year, and will also showcase International teams from all over the world. The competition has proposed to host 16 men’s teams, 10 women’s teams, and will include both Junior and Under 10 categories.

When is the competition taking place?

The Australian Floorball open is taking place from the 7th – 11th of July 2015.

Other important dates to remember for the open are:

  • Registration Opening: 11th February 2015. The competition will be opened for teams to begin registering.
  • Registration Close: 31st March 2015. This is the last possible date for competitors to enter.
  • Early Bird FULL Payments: 31st of March 2015. Any early bird tickets purchased must be paid in full by this date.
  • Full Payments Due: 1st May 2015. All payments need to be paid in full by this date.
  • Team List Submission: 1st June 2015. Names and ages of all team members to be submitted by this date.

Where is the Open taking place?

The 2015 Australian Floorball Open will be held at the Runaway Bay Indoor Stadium, next to the Runaway Bay Sports Super Centre, on the Northern side of the Gold Coast in Queensland.

The Runaway Bay Indoor Stadium comprises of four full sized courts, a sprung wooden floor, grandstand seating for 250 people, first aid room and change rooms – just to mention a few of its key features.

Attractions close by

Runaway Bay and Queensland have thousands of different attractions to offer visitors, and if you find yourself with a few days to spare in the area you should definitely get out and do something. Runaway Bay used to be known as Anglers Bay for its rich fishing opportunities, so grab a rod and go deep sea fishing, game fishing, or just cast a line into one of the calmer spots.

The Gold Coast is known for its incredible scenery and beaches; take a trip out and have a look at the versatile nature and views that this beautiful part of Australia has to offer.

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