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Top 5 Reasons for Using a Serviced Apartment

25 September 2011

Nothing is quite as refreshing as a holiday. Second to choosing your destination, picking the right accommodation can make or break your holiday plans!
Serviced apartments are a great option for every kind of traveller. Here are the top 5 reasons for using a serviced apartment for your next trip.

1.              Spacious

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your booked accommodation after a long flight or road trip to find that you’re stuck with a cramped shoebox of a room. Serviced apartments provide a generous living space with room to rest and recuperate.

Serviced apartments include a kitchen, living room and bedroom area. This can either be altogether in a studio apartment layout or in a one two or three bedroom apartment.

2.              Carefree family holidays

Travelling with the family can a stressful experience, but with the right services you can take the hassle out of family holidays. Serviced apartments provide ample space to avoid that claustrophobic feeling of having you and the kids in one space. You will also have private access to up to date entertainment systems such as large televisions, DVD players, and in some cases pay TV too.

There are play and activities areas for families including huge pools and BBQ areas and spa and sauna options for the grown ups. Gold Coast apartments are conveniently located close to the ocean and town centre for the perfect beach holiday.

3.              Cost effective

You don’t have to downgrade to 2 stars to make your trip affordable. Serviced apartments give you luxury accommodation without the hefty hotel price tag. Not only will you will have comfortable and stylish lodgings at an affordable cost, but you can save by cooking all your meals in your kitchenette and storing groceries in your apartment fridge. Eliminating or cutting down on the meals you eat out will make a big difference to you budget. You can use the money you save to do more shopping or spend more on memorable experiences in your chosen city.

4.              Home away from home feeling

Many people choose service apartments because they have that home away from home feeling. Instead of a cold, unfriendly hotel room you will have a large accommodating room with comfortable furniture and a relaxed vibe. The added privacy of serviced apartments will give you comfort as you unwind. Having all you amenities and eating needs taken care of in one well-thought out space will give you peace mind as you don’t have to worry about sharing cooking or washing spaces as in hostels or some motels.

5.              Centrally located

Having your accommodation close to the city hubs can add immeasurable enjoyment to your holiday. Serviced apartments Sydney are located in several main CBD streets. These are ideal locations for those who want to spend their days shopping in all Sydney’s busy shopping centres and boutique shops. Having all of the city’s most iconic and breathe-taking sights at your door step will make your trip a breeze. The hottest restaurants and nightclubs will be a quick taxi ride away.

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